Today, a vast police apparatus is being put in place for the purpose of controlling, drugging and repressing the poor and disenfranchised. From weapons searches for High School students to “anti-stalking laws” to anti-drunk driving laws to “stopping dead-beat dads” to “Involuntary Outpatient Commitment” (the forced drugging of those diagnosed as insane), all the different extensions of the judicial system aim at those who are socially least desirable. But it is becoming more and more obvious today that the “good reasons” offered by these “do-gooders” are just good excuses for an ever-widening ring of control and repression. Children are being removed from homes of those Social Services deem unfit, then abused in foster care and finally given drugs to control their behavior. Those convicted of DUI are being sentenced to forced religious indoctrination in “12-step programs.” Those with psychological distress are being forced to take psychologically damaging drugs. The behavior of those on the drugs is then used to justify even more police powers. How many people know that Eric Harris, leader of the Columbine
High School Massacre, was being prescribed the drug
Luvox, a mania-inducing anti-depressant at the time of the massacre?
And the Columbine High School shooting is the excuse for more policing of kids, quite likely resulting in more children
being drugged, more children given speed (Ritalin) and speed-like anti-depressants (Prozac and Luvox, etc.).
Police, courts, child-support, welfare services, psychological services, 12-step programs, drug-treatment programs, and medical services are coming together more and more into we could call the “medical-judicial system.” In this
process, the medical “solutions” they offer to social “problems” are making these problems worse - a viscous cycle this
system intends ride to the point our entire society becomes an insane asylum.2
But the false intentions of these programs are becoming more and more obvious as these programs are used herd more and more people into a situation of being permanently controlled by probation, social workers, and psychiatric
drugs. But We can fight and stop this process.
Some Tactics:
Resist forced drugging in mental hospitals, clinics, and outpatient care.
This is happening in your community right now. We must understand that the forced administration of Haldol is the
equivalent of lobotomy, not treatment. We must confront those who cooperate out of a “there’s nothing I can do about
it” mentality. Teachers, councilors and care-givers are vulnerable to social pressure. They often have some good
intentions. Their job description does not say policeman on it.
Expose 12-step and “Anti-Drug” programs as tools of the courts and police. Denounce the fiction of
these “voluntary” program which are mandatory as a result of police sentencing.
12-step programs subvert the admirable goal of individual self-help by allowing courts to sentence people to participate
in these programs. Moreover, the police-medical-social welfare bureaucracy is a very greedy “higher power” which
today aspires, cajoles, and demands people “give over their lives” to it.
Rather than accepting the belief that giving-over power will do us any good, we must instead see that we, those at the
bottom, those are yet under control, we have a duty to take power over our lives, power that we are seldom given
1 "According to the manufacturer, Solvay, 4% of children and youth taking Luvox developed mania during short-term
controlled clinical trials. Mania is a psychosis which can produce bizarre, grandiose, highly elaborated destructive plans." (Source: The use of various "speed-like" anti-depressants does not excuse a person for their actions. But when we look at the way that children are given drugs for their problems, these massacres only make more sense. When child are treated like so much trash, when their unhappiness is treated like a clock that needs to be wound tighter, then it is not hard to see how the resulting anger could combine with the "energizing" effect of Prozac/Luvox family drugs to induce murderous fits of rage. 2 Right now, we are in Guy Debord called Spectacular Capital - we only say this society is "becoming" an insane asylum to
show it is getting worse. In just the same way, the medical-judicial system is only new in the sense that several bureaucracies have grown into one mega-bureaucracy. • Show this is not about “Choices”.
It is important also to show that this is not a matter of “each person getting their choice.” Like Jones Town, each
person who happily steps up to get their poison koolaid is helping to force ten others into it3. Each person who repeats
the lines about “meds are the only choice” “it’s just a brain imbalance”, etc., is strengthening involuntary drugging.
Anyone who repeats “more punishment for everything” is strengthening the entire system. In the same way, the more
we refuse to participate, denounce participation and make it hard on those who participate, the more power we will
This is not an issue that belongs to anyone. The state naturally targets those who are least desirable - whether
women, minorities, children or men. And even more, it has often made the representative of women, African
Americans, or other minorities into the enforcers of it’s police measures. Feminist half-way houses can still push
psychiatric drugs on women and steal women’s children while attacking “patriarchy.”
But really, we all are next, so we all have our own reasons to stop this. Many people must be anonymous in their resistance today for their own protection. Those who can afford to speak out should speak out.
Expose police intervention in family life
The power of social services to take children is one of the most feared and hated powers of social service agencies.
Like all the other powers of the bureaucracy, situations of terrible parenting etc., can be dragged out as examples.
Reality is more complex. And the horrors of foster care and related complexes are seldom mentioned. We should
approach family life realizing that social service soft-cops don’t have a right to be involved.
Expose the lie of “biological determinism”
Directly challenging the “big lies” of the system can an effect. Read Peter Breggin. Spread the word that many studies
today announced using impressive statistics are essentially completely false. The claim that psychiatric drugs “correct
a brain imbalance” is one of many outright lies supported by drug companies to selling their products4.
Show that direct resistance is a force that can STOP this
From Police to drug companies to medical centers to social service organizations, there is an integrated business of
repression and control. This can be resisted in many ways. But Spreading the idea of resistance everywhere, is
perhaps the most important tactic.

Today, every toady of the system speaks as if they do are obvious and unquestioned. This comes because the combined money interests of police, drug companies and government weigh far more in commercial media than any human interests can or will. Media won't change by itself. The exposure of radiation experiments on civilians has not stopped the system from speaking as if science was well-intentioned. The exposure CIA drug smuggling has not stopped the news speaking as if these “spies” are heroic. The shooting sprees of people on pozac-like drugs has not stopped the legal drug pushers. Direct resistance, resistance on the streets, can have an effect. The only way the system can afford to spy on the
whole community is by getting us cooperate5. If enough poor people refuse to cooperate, we can sink the current
expansion of the police system.
Police carry guns and wear bullet proof vests because they must act as an occupying force in the poorest neighborhoods. Social workers and psychologists don’t have such weapons - at the very least, they can be attacked with rotten eggs. Even a measly attack like this can force some awareness of issues which the social cops only imagine that “everyone agrees on”. The system is vulnerable to our refusal. From refusing to accept the latest “genetic determination” to helping someone threatened with forced drugging, our refusal can make their system ungovernable. And every “well-
intentioned” social worker, activist, half-way house worker or psychologist who cooperates with forced drugging, with
monitoring the poor for the police, should fear exposure and further action.
While this system has been delegated tremendous police power, it still requires our participation for it’s support. And we can withhold our participation, we can attack the weak links of this vast police and put it on the run. Indeed, the
larger this system gets, the more vulnerable it is to serious mass collective resistance.
3 today the koolaid is "merely" drugged. But nothing stops it from being poisoned tomorrow. Already, social workers can kill
a patient who complains about mind-destroying drugs by increasing their dosage. 4 The Best reference Refuting Biological Determinism: Peter Braggin MD, Toxic Psychiatry, published by St. Martin's Press.
5 Probation, outpatient treatment, half-way houses and so-on, aren't the system nicely letting a person not go to jail. They
exist so the system can control more people, more cheaply.


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