Structure of
the Manufacturing Business
and Growth Strategy

Embracing the Challenge of Opening Up New FieldsRequired by Society Taking on the Challenge of Satisfying Unmet
Syrup, a treatment for iron-deficiency anemia. We also Medical Needs
took over the right to manufacture and market the Alfresa Pharma Corporation, which is responsible for antidepressant agent Anafranil in January 2006. In the Group’s Manufacturing business, manufactures diagnostic reagents, we also posted higher sales of and sells a wide range of products in the three divisions: the Hemotect, an automated immunochemical analyzer pharmaceuticals, diagnostic reagents and medical for fecal occult blood tests, and its proprietary reagent devices. In line with its management philosophy of Hemo Auto. Meanwhile, the POCT (point-of-care-testing) “energetically taking on the challenge of new and reagent CHECK Flu A·B was launched in November ‘unmet medical needs’,” Alfresa Pharma aims to help 2005. In medical devices, we reported increased sales improve the health of people worldwide through of the Nespron Cable System, which is used to stabi- R&D, manufacturing and sales of unique products lize the spine, and unveiled Monodiox, a synthetic with a strong presence in the marketplace.
absorbable monofilament suture, in March 2006.
In quality assurance, ISO13485:2003, the interna- Higher Sales, but Lower Operating Income
tional quality management certification for manufac- For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2006, the Manufac- turers of medical equipment, was obtained by the turing business reported net sales of ¥22,024 million, Chiba Plant in February 2006, followed by the an increase of 5.5% year on year. However, a rise in Okayama Pharmaceutical Plant and R&D Department depreciation expenses and other factors led to a (now the Ibaraki Research Center) in March 2006. We decrease of 11.9% in operating income to ¥405 million.
will work to further improve production management In pharmaceuticals, we recorded increased sales of Mystan, an antiepileptic pharmaceutical, and Incremin Segment Performance and Targets
Net Sales
Gross Profit
SG&A Expenses
Operating Income
20,751 20,881
’04/03 ’05/03 ’06/03 ’07/03
’04/03 ’05/03 ’06/03 ’07/03
’04/03 ’05/03 ’06/03 ’07/03
’04/03 ’05/03 ’06/03 ’07/03
Business Expansion Through Closer Internal
By actively leveraging the Alfresa Group’s sales and External Cooperation
channels of the Wholesaling business and promoting We applied for approval to manufacture and market the sales and business alliances with other companies, we narcolepsy treatment CN-801, and continue to strive to aim to aggressively open up new markets and further obtain approval as rapidly as possible. Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder that causes overwhelming excessive daytime sleepiness. Following approval, we plan to jointly market CN-801 with Tanabe Seiyaku Co., Ltd. In addition, we are conducting joint development to expand possible indications of CN-801 for treatment of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and pediatric Segment Sales
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
In pharmaceuticals, while continuing to focus on ’06/03
products for the central nervous system, such as the antidepressant agent Anafranil, we will also work to expand our product lineup including generic pharma- ’05/03
ceuticals. In medical devices, efforts have been made to create a comprehensive lineup of surgical sutures ’04/03
through the addition of Monodiox. Finally, in diagnostic reagents, we are further upgrading our lineup, focusing on POCT products such as CHECK Flu A·B.



2005 Finalist at the International Circus Festival of Grenoble with “Les Tourisk”, France 2003 Kingston Busker "Rendezvous" (nominated for Public Choice / Jury Choice) 2000 Winner of « Cégep en spectacle » regional competition 1998 Winner of the Gold medal and public’s choice award, IJA (International Jugglers Association), Primm Valley, Nevada, with «Les Tou

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