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Table of contents: Scurion® Manual . 3 Basic Function . 3 Working mode . 4 Protection from unintended switching . 4 Transport lock (TL) . 4 Function 1, Modify the number of light combinations . 6 Function 2, Blocking the programming mode . 6 Function 3, Voltage monitor for the battery . 6 Caution light! . 7 No impacts on batteries! . 7 No humidity on batteries! . 7 Do not store empty batteries! . 7 Polarity . 7 Environment . 7 Battery capacity and battery-indicator . 8 Automatic reduction of the light output . 8 Charging Lithium-ion batteries . 8 What is not covered by this warranty . 9 If your product fails within the warranty period . 9 If your product fails after the warranty period . 10 Legal disclaimer . 10 Scurion® Manual

Scurion®, intended to be used as a headlamp, has three modes:
1) “Working mode” 2) “Program mode” 3) “Configuration mode”
Operation of the lamp is done using the knob at the left side of the lamp head. In
working mode, the green small Led's indicate the charging state of the battery, in the
other modes they work as display to show the settings.
Scurion® remembers its settings even when the battery is disconnected.
Basic Function
A Scurion® lamp has two light sources:
 A Wide Angle LED (WA-LED) that provides ambient light covering all the
 the Spot LED (S-LED), the light is focused for illuminating distant objects.
Each LED can be run on four brightness stages subsequently referred to as
1 = low, 2 = semi strong, 3 = strong and 4 = maximal.
The WA-LED and the S-LED can be combined arbitrarily to any "light combination" -
and with this your Scurion® is always adaptable to your individual needs!
Working mode
When a battery is attached, the lamp enters the working mode directly on one of the
max. 10 light combinations.
By turning the operating knob (to the right = forward and to the left = backwards) a
desired light combination can be selected.
In the pre-setting the Scurion® has four typical light combinations programmed
a) to d):
a) WA-LED strong + low S-LED  suitable for „walking” b) Maximal S-LED  good to look on „distance“ c) WA-LED semi strong  at the start / "tactical" d) Both LED maximal  "competition" / when you need everything e) Optional: UV-LED on f) All LED off In the intermediate position between f) the lamp is switched off, the green led's will display the charging state of the battery for a few seconds. These pre-sets should just give you an idea of what's possible with the lamp – you can modify everything as you like! Protection from unintended switching
When you hit the wall with the knob, a short "press" of the knob occurs. The
microcontroller eliminates such glitches by filtering out very short knob presses.
Transport lock (TL)
In order to prevent the lamp being switched on accidently during transport (e.g. in
your backpack), a transport lock can be activated.
The TL is activated in the intermediate position f) (lamp switched off, but still in the
work mode), when the knob is held for 5 seconds to the left or right. To confirm the TL
the green LED line flashes briefly showing pattern
If the knob is operated while TL is active, the green charge indicator led’s will flash
briefly to confirm the TL.
To release the TL just tip the operating knob back and forth rapidly a couple of times.
Program mode
Of course the light combinations can be modified and adapted to the individual needs.
If one would like to adapt e.g. the light combination b) "distance", then do the
following steps: Go to this setting and keep the knob for 5 seconds turned either to the
left or right until the lamp flashes up briefly to confirm that program mode has been
Now tip the knob to the left (counter-clockwise) to switch the WA-Led and to the right
for the S-Led. Once the desired combination has been found simply let the lamp burn
for some seconds - the lamp changes automatically back into the work mode (indicated
by flashing once) and remembers the new light combination.
 Because of the high intensity of the light we recommend you to make these
modifications while covering the lamp with a piece of paper.
A blinking light on the first two green LED's indicates that the lamp is in program mode.
Configuration mode
In the factory setting 4 light combinations are programmed. Again depending upon
need this can be modified from 3 to 10 light combinations. This can be done in the
configuration mode.
In order to enter the configuration mode, tip the knob clockwise and hold it when
connecting the battery to the lamp. The lamp flashes briefly with the pattern
, in order to confirm the configuration mode.
Then by tipping the knob again clockwise three functions can be selected. Each function
is indicated in the LED line:
- function 1) Modify the number of light combinations - function 2) Blocking the programming mode - function 3) Voltage monitor for the battery Choose your desired function to modify and wait then 8 seconds before the lamp goes automatically to the next step. Function 1, Modify the number of light combinations

If you would like to have - as an example - instead of four now six light combinations,
you go to the configuration mode as described above. You choose the combination
and wait for eight seconds, until the lamp flashes once and indicates then the present
By tipping the knob counter-clockwise you can find now the pattern , which
corresponds to six light combinations. If you wait some additional eight seconds
without doing anything Scurion® stores the new setting and changes back in the work
Light combinations in binary code:
Function 2, Blocking the programming mode
To protect your settings from being changed inadvertently or intentionally (e.g. when
you borrow your Scurion® to somebody else); the programming mode can be
Function 3, Voltage monitor for the battery

Attention: when the voltage monitor is switched off, the lamp does not dim
automatically when the battery charge falls below a certain level. You will be able to
work slightly longer with maximal light power but you will find yourself in the dark
without caution later when the battery is completely down!
Safety advices
Even if your Scurion® may be assumed as extremely reliable – this was tested
extensively! - it is and remains an electronic equipment. If you use the light in a
situation where your life can depend on it - the
principle that a second, and
independent source of light must always be taken along should be applied!

Caution light!
Scurion® corresponds to laser class 2: Do not look directly in the light for too long! Keep the lamp or the batteries away from children.
Warning if you use a UV-Scurion® : Ultra-violet radiation can damage the
eyes - therefore never look directly into a source of UV-light
No impacts on batteries!
Lithium-ion batteries may not be exposed to any strong impacts or being hurt - otherwise they can explode! No humidity on batteries!
Our Lithium –ion batteries are provided with electronics that monitor each individual battery cell. Humidity would harm and destroy this protection circuit, so the batteries must be stored always in a dry place! Do not store empty batteries!
By simply using the lamp you cannot "deep" discharge the battery (down to a level
where it would be damaged), the electronic protection circuit prevents that. You can
use them without concern until they are completely flat.
As lithium ion batteries have a low rate of self discharge, in extreme e cases (several
months of storing an empty battery), a deep discharge might occur. A security
mechanism prevents the battery from recharging in this state. In the unlikely event
that a battery can't be recharged, probably a deep discharge occurred and warranty is
void. Depth discharge is not a malfunction but the result of wrong handling.
Please read the maintenance chapter of this manual carefully - recharge empty
batteries before storage!
Do never short-circuit the batteries or reverse their polarity - risk of damage!
Shouldn't be a problem as our batteries are equipped with a polarized connector.
Do not dispose of used batteries in the household waste, you can hand them in for recycling at official collection points of your community or everywhere Use / Maintenance
To keep your Scurion® always ready for full power, we recommend considering the
points in the following chapter.
The Lithium-ion batteries provided is the best quality you can get and thus expensive.
The battery packs are quite carefree – forget about any memory effects with this
technology. There are nevertheless some hints that the batteries last even longer:
a) Store batteries in a cool place (best is cellar or refrigerator)
b) Store batteries in a dry place (see safety advices)
c) Do not store empty batteries – best is to keep them 50% charged for a longer

Battery capacity and battery-indicator
When the lamp is in the intermediate position f) (see chapter work mode) the
approximately linear battery-indicator shows the capacity that remains. 5 lights says
the battery is full. Only 1 light is left when the remaining capacity is at approx. 20%.
Automatic reduction of the light output
When battery capacity reaches a level of a few percent, the Scurion® reduces the light
output automatically, flashing twice (so you notice the change) and then reducing the
power level stepwise while still providing enough light to progress.
 When your Scurion® runs in such a reduced mode you can force it to work on normal
power for a few seconds by just switching between the light combinations.
Warning: When the lamp has already automatically reduced its power, you should
change the battery – some time after reaching the lowest level, the lamp shuts down
when the battery is totally empty!
Charging Lithium-ion batteries
A complete charging process of an empty battery takes approx. 5h with our charger.
Start of the process is indicated by an orange or red light on the charger itself.
 When trying to charge half-full batteries it might happen that the charger does not
recognize the battery that has been attached to it. I.e. the charging process does not
start automatically. In this case connect the battery to the charger first before plugging
the charger into the socket.
Lamp head
The lamp is designed to be maintenance free and can be cleaned under flowing water
easily. The lamp glass is particularly scratch proof, which it does not mean one cannot
scratch it by force. Spare glasses are available.
Temperature control
Scurion® has a built in sensor that protects the lamp from overheating. Even though
the heat sink is very effective, the lamp can overheat in very warm environments.
Should this happen, the controller reduces the light output to the minimum, the battery
indicator will blink and the switch is blocked momentarily! This block remains until the
temperature of the lamp has sunk to a normal level (i.e. by cooling the lamp with
water) – it will then work as usual again.

Scurion® Commercial Warranty
If your Scurion® product or its accessories fail to operate to its specification during the
warranty period we will arrange for your product to be repaired or replaced with a
quality assured refurbished unit.
The Scurion® Commercial warranty period is 1 year and covers any faults in materials
or manufacture. If you live in a member state of the European Union or in Switzerland,
the warranty of the product during the second year of initial purchase is subject to the
requirements and conditions set forth in Directive 1999/44/EC on certain aspects of the
sale of consumer goods and associated guarantees and the national equivalent
implementation thereof. In all other cases you may have other - additional rights -
which vary from country to country and which are not affected in any way by this
commercial warranty.
This warranty does not affect any legal rights you have against the person who
supplied your Scurion® product - it is additional to those rights. The warranty period
begins when the product is purchased by its first user.
What is not covered by this warranty
We will not provide warranty repair or replacement if in our opinion the problem
resulted from:
externally caused damage (especially normal wear and tear, oxidation, incorrect storage, poor maintenance, damage due to accidents, to negligence, or to improper or incorrect usage), usage outside of the products specification (i.e. diving), usage of not approved parts or accessories (i.e. other than Scurion® batteries), modifications or alterations that were not authorised by us. If your product fails within the warranty period
Make sure you have the necessary information available including proof of purchase
(receipt or invoice with serial number, location and date of purchase) and send us this
information with a brief description of the problem by email: In
any case we will contact you immediately and give advice to help cure the fault or to
determine the type of fault. If your product needs repair, you will be advised what
arrangements will be made to repair or replace it.
If your product fails after the warranty period
Same procedure as within the warranty period but with the difference that we must
charge you for any repairs or replacements and shipping. Those costs will be
communicated up front of course.
Legal disclaimer
In no event Scurion GmbH will be liable for special, direct, indirect or consequential
damages, including loss of profits or inability to use the product, even if Scurion GmbH
Has been advised of the possibility of such damages. In no event shall our liability for
any damages or loss to you or any other party exceed the price paid for the product.

Miscellaneous terms
The Scurion® meets the requirements of the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)
Directive 2004/108 EEC.
The products: Scurion®-1500, Scurion®-1300, Scurion®-1200, Scurion®-900, Scurion®-
700 are intended to be used as personal headlamps.
Scurion® is a registered and protected brand. All contents of this manual, the
assembling guide and all other documents published by Scurion GmbH are protected by
copyright . We will be pleased to provide you with text and images on your demand!
The Scurion®-software is also protected by copyright.
Scurion GmbH
Steinhofstrasse 57
3400 Burgdorf


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