Staying healthy

What to Do if You are Injured
Staying Healthy
Swimming is an excellent sport for children’s Viral infections require rest as early as
health, and a lot of asthmatic children for swimming training if they have symptoms of a viral infection. Virus particles are easily weight, makes children feel better and more tiredness, irritability, headache, runny nose, train almost every morning and afternoon.
sore throat, sore muscles and after a couple wakes up feeling tired and grumpy, put them back to bed and wait a day to see whether information and advice on this subject from Our immune system fights viral infections. If children have late nights, or stress from English Institute of Sport & the A.S.A.
enables you to ensure your child maintains excellent health and is able to fully enjoy the and children catch infections easily. One or swimming experience. Please be aware
two days in bed with some Paracetemol will though, this is only very general advice
usually be all that is required. It is important and if in doubt, you should always
not to get up early to go to training when you consult your doctor.
Ear infections are common in young
When you return to full training build up the children because the ear canal is narrow.
Swimmers who have hayfever and asthma
are prone to respiratory infections unless their asthma is well controlled. Children or dry skin harbouring germs which thrive in need to take their medication regularly even moisture. Children complain of a sore ear and it hurts when tugged or pressed.
Swimmer’s shoulder is the most common
treatment as does Swimmers knee. A
If you are still having problems after 7-10 days you might want to contact our physiotherapist for further advice - as an ex City of Bradford Swimmer he has a special Ben Pollard, B.Sc (Chartered Physiotherapist)
For appointments phone Heaton Tennis & Squash Club on: 01274 541508 Should you Train During Infections?
healthy hydration habits while they
has a drying effect on the skin and this
Training should be stopped if the athlete has a more susceptible than others particularly fever or symptoms such as aching joints and muscles. Exercising with an infection may increase the severity and/ or duration of the illness and exercise tolerance may be reduced when the plenty of water during a training session It is probably OK to continue light training if the n ss &
Do not resume training at the same level; build up regardless of feeling thirsty at that time or training session spend several minutes in gradually . Light exercise during recovery from not. This should also be followed through at school, home and in day- to-day life. Water is the preferable fluid; however, during an Squad members with infection should be isolated as much as possible from the rest of the swimmers larger intake and provide a lift in energy.
Iron supplements should not be taken during If you experience leg cramps during
control the cramps with stretching. If you are very tired or if the water is cold it most Personal Management
Maintain a well-balanced diet adequate energy, competition has to finish. If you experience carbohydrate, protein, fat , vitamins & minerals.
cramps quite often during workouts or while susceptible. Most importantly it is worth Carbohydrate solution pre-, during and post- using a moisturiser which will hydrate the training may help in reducing immune suppression probably signifies magnesium deficiency.
skin, keep it soft and in good condition. If Allow sufficient time between training sessions for control of proper muscle contraction.
bought from your local chemist. If it does Get regular and adequate sleep every night (ideally you loose minerals in substantial quantities not improve you will need to see your own 8-10 hours) and additional recovery at weekends.
Reduce life/social/psychological stress such as Many swimmers experience a headache
school/ University work; good time management isone of the most important skills an elite swimmer hair protection to keep hair in good
condition. Pool chemicals like chlorine strip natural oils from the hair shafts so hair Discuss the possibility of vaccination with a doctor, becomes dry and brittle with split ends.
your body is not getting enough oxygen.
This makes for double trouble and can give protect their hair. Start by getting your hair Swimmers who already have a good balanced diet well-trained swimmers is dehydration - but may take additional supplements in an attempt to pool. The un-chlorinated shower water will if it continues even with good breathing & boost immune function and prevent illness. Multi- fill the hair shafts and make it harder for the hydration you should see your doctor.
vitamins, Cod liver oil, Vitamin C, Iron (e.g. ferrous The recipe for healthy swimming is simple: sulphate), Echinacea, Glutamine, Zinc, Magnesum, get a good night’s sleep, eat healthy foods, and Octacosanol have all been suggested to help drink plenty of fluids and stay happy. And prevent illness, although swimmers taking any the formula for doing well in all sporting carefully against lists of proscribed drugs.
performance. Those golden rules apply not However, over-supplementation of vitamins just to our elite swimmers, but to the juniors


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Stress ulcer prophylaxis

GUIDELINES FOR APPROPRIATE STRESS ULCER PROPHYLAXIS The following information, derived from the ASHP guidelines, can be used as a screening tool to determine appropriateness of prophylaxis. Medical Intensive Care Unit patients ONE OR MORE OF THE FOLLOWING RISK FACTORS • Likely to require mechanical ventilation for > 48 hours • Non-intentional coagulapathy, i.e. not on warfarin

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