16550 Henderson Pass #603, San Antonio, Texas 78232 e-mail: • web site: My search for a challenging and rewarding position has led me to your organization. I have attached my resume for your review in the belief that you will find me a promising candidate for employment.
My objective is to secure a full-time position with an established organization for a long term professional relationship. I am interested in, and will consider all opportunities, including full-time, part-time and freelance. Since May of 2007, I have been self-employed as a designer and producer of advertising and marketing media of In addition to diversity in skills and 20+ years of related work experience, I offer genuine enthusiasm and dedication. I feel that these qualities and abilities ensure that I can become a valuable addition to your I would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you in person to discuss your company’s objectives and my Thank you for your time and consideration.
16550 Henderson Pass #603, San Antonio, Texas 78232 e-mail: • web site: EXPERIENCE
A SPARK - Self Employed - San Antonio, Texas

As a freelance designer, I am involved in all aspects of graphic design for print, custom sign manufacturing & installations, video productions, 3D animation and American Color Labs - San Antonio, Texas
I prepared, troubleshot, converted, ripped, loaded media, and exposed computer generated files for large format output for Durst Lambda Pi50 and a HP DesignJet 60" inkjet and printed desktop publishing items to a Canon Color Laser printer to produce annual sales reports, table tents, business cards, including cutting or trimming out. I also ran their Graphtec Vinyl Plotter, and I was a key player on many complex projects requiring cut vinyl. I also installed this vinyl output on locations from a Homeland Security office, located in Lackland AFB to numerous businesses from NE to NW San Antonio. I implemented a software cataloging system to file their DVD backups and cataloged approximately 200 DVDs. This new software allows ACL to do key word or job number searches, pull up the exact DVD archived disk, which greatly reduced time required to retrieve files from their DVD archives. Additional responsibilities ranged from maintaining the chemical levels used to process the Durst film output to mopping the production floors.
Sportsman's Warehouse - San Antonio, Texas
As a retail sales associate, I utilized a vast range of product knowledge, including GPS devices, flashlights, professional optics, range finders, sunglasses and knives & sharpening tools to promote sales. I have acquired new skills, and tested, to qualify as a sales associate in my department including earning a Swarovski Optik Pro Staff Membership. I performed additional tasks including inventory count, restocking and general merchandising tasks.
Self-employed - San Antonio, Texas
As a freelance designer, I am involved in all aspects of graphic design for print, custom sign manufacturing & installations, video productions, 3D animation and BIG - San Antonio, Texas
Position: Production Director, Media Buyer My responsibilities included: assisting in every aspect of projects, implemented production & quality control systems, produce packaging prototypes, maintain consistent brand imaging throughout product packaging and marketing materials, preflight and troubleshot potential print problems, sent art work to printers in a variety of required formats, worked closely with print vendors to obtain printing quotes, and make decisions based on vendor quality and price to manage print quality. Approved proofs and pre-shipment samples and press checks. Maintained digital photo files and computer art files. Additional responsibilities when required included systems administrator.
Creative Link - San Antonio, Texas
Position: Production Manager, System Administrator Starting out as a production artist, I received the promotion to production manager. I then absorbed the responsibilities of the system administrator. I maintained this dual position until I was promoted to systems administrator full time, managing the maintenance, backups, server and approximately 25 macintosh computers. I performed pre-flights and press checks for Score magazine 7/99- 4/01, and implemented production & quality control systems. Ensured staff had proper technical and skill-related tools to effectively perform job.
Self-employed - Orlando, Florida
As a freelance designer, I was involved in all aspects of graphic design for print, video and the web. Shot, edited and produced my first all digital 17 minute marketing video involving 13 location shoots from Pensacola to Key Largo, including background music and 3D animation.
Kenney Communications, Inc. - Orlando, Florida
Position: Creative Director, Production Manager I redesigned the publications Orlando By Night, The Florida Travel Guide and Enjoy Florida and established graphic standards, provided training for staff. Upgraded the graphic design department, installed a new network and established backup procedures.
Synonymous Publishing, Inc. - Orlando, Florida
Position: Creative Director, Production Manager During my employment, I was involved at all levels of production of interactive CD-ROM and training videos, 3D animation, video editing, special effects, and graphics for the web, design for print including magazines, newsletters, and logo design. I designed new look for a trade publication and a Fire and Safety AppleInk, Inc. - Orlando, Florida
Position: Creative Director, Production & Pre-press Manager Established standards for maintaining color calibration in production. Received an award from The Printing Association of Florida for the awards banquet printed Merkel Schleicher Graphic Communications, Inc. - Orlando, Florida
During my employment as creative art director, I was involved in all phases of graphic design and multimedia. Key designer in many high end printed productions 16550 Henderson Pass #603, San Antonio, Texas 78232 e-mail: • web site: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
• A drive to learn, advance & excel • Self-motivated, self-taught, self-starter EXPERIENCE OVERVIEW (Advertising & Design)
Production Director, Systems Administrator, Graphic Designer, Production Artist, DV Videographer, 3D Animator,
Interactive Designer, Prepress Manager, Software Trainer, Systems Consultant, Mock up & Prop Craftsman, Sign Painter, Traditional Illustrator, Calligraphy Artist, Sculptor, & Paste Up Artist.
Licensed Realtor (currently inactive), Pharmaceutical Shipping & Receiving Supervisor, "Hot Shot" Driver, High
Lift Operator, Exotic Food Merchandiser, Retail Sales, Aviation Sheet Metal Mechanic, Telemarketing, Gourmet Waiter, Wine Sommelier, Bar Manager, Bartender, Cook, Expediter, Waiter, Busboy, Dishwasher, Door to Door SOFTWARE PROFICIENCY
Macintosh OS X, Quark 7, Adobe Creative Suite including InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat and GoLive,
Apple Final Cut Production Suite including Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio, Motion, Newtek’s Lightwave 3D software and on the Windows platform FlexiSign Pro, Wasatch Soft Rip & Durst Lambda.
From the first color Mac II to the new Intel Macintosh Mac Pro hardware, various windows hardware, large
format printers including the Durst Pi50 color laser, HP & Epson inkjet printers & several vinyl plotters, color laser printers, CD, DVD, DLT tape drives, servers, powered blade cutters and trimmers. Plus a vast range of HD broadcast quality video cameras & production hardware.
Alamo Heights High School Diploma, 1977
Academy of Real Estate, Inc. Grade average 97.7, State lic. 1982 16550 Henderson Pass #603, San Antonio, Texas 78232 e-mail: • web site: REFERENCES (originals available upon request)


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