Senior class trip to florida

1. Mr. Bodnar and Mrs. Sommers will give all teachers a list of the students attending 2. Students are to be at the Medford Campus no later than 4:45 a.m. Buses will depart for the Philadelphia Airport at 6:00 a.m. Upon arriving at school, report directly to the cafeteria. 3. Place your luggage in the snack line area of the cafeteria and remain seated until the 4. When the announcement is made, proceed to the checkout table. When search is finished, take luggage directly to the bus and board. 1. Enter the terminal, get in line to check luggage and to have seats assigned. Proceed to the waiting area. Have your picture ID ready. 2. When everyone has been checked in, our entire group will proceed to the appropriate gate. Do not leave the group. When our flight number is called, we will board the plane together. (Southwest Flight # 145, departing at 8:45 a.m.) 1. When we de-plane in Florida, we will take a monorail to the Main Terminal. Stay 2. There, we will board a bus that will take us directly to Animal Kingdom. Our luggage will be taken directly to the hotel by a separate truck. Therefore, it is suggested that you bring a change of clothes and your necessities for the day in your carry on bag. There are lockers available in the park if you do not wish to carry your bag during the day. 3. We will enter Animal Kingdom as a group. If for any reason you need a chaperone during the day, go to the First Aid station there. A chaperone will call every hour. 4. At 3:00, we will meet at our designated meeting area and take Disney transportation to Epcot. There we will see the Illuminations Laser Light Show at 9:00. It is suggested that you obtain your seats at about 8:00. 5. At our prescribed meeting time, we will meet at the designated area in Epcot before we board our bus to the hotel. There we will check in, receive room keys, and there will be a pizza pool party. 1. Once you have been given your key, pick up your luggage and go to your room. Check your room for damages. If there is any damage to your room that was present before you entered, tell one of the chaperones so we may record such damage. You will be responsible for any damage that occurs during your stay. 2. You are not permitted to leave the hotel grounds for any reason unless accompanied 3. No outside food or beverages are to be ordered for delivery to your room. 4. Obey all pool rules and regulations. No diving. No horseplay will be tolerated at the pool. This includes throwing people into the pool. If you choose to do this, disciplinary action will be taken. 5. Take good care of your room and contents. 6. All students are to remain at our assigned room area or the pool area from arrival at the hotel until curfew. Curfew is at 12:00 midnight. All students must be in their rooms by 12:00 and doors are not to be opened after the nightly room-check. 1. At 7:30, we will meet and go to breakfast at the hotel. Every person will be given a $20.00 Disney Dining Card toward the cost of meals. Everyone must attend breakfast. 2. At 8:30, we will meet at a designated area near our rooms and take the bus to Disney Hollywood Studios. It is advisable that you apply sun-block prior to leaving the hotel. If you need a chaperone, go to the First Aid Station. A chaperone will check in every hour. 3. At 3:00, we will meet near the entrance, and take the bus to the hotel. You will have 4. At 5:30 we will meet near the rooms and take the bus to Downtown Disney. Your passes will allow you access to DisneyQuest there. 4. At 10:00, we will take the bus back to the hotel. 1. At 7:30, we will meet and go to breakfast. Every person will receive an $8.00 Disney Dining Card toward the cost of breakfast and a Universal meal coupon towards the cost of lunch or dinner. 2. At 8:30, we will take the bus to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. We suggest that you apply sun-block before leaving the hotel. If you need a chaperone, go to the First Aid Station. A chaperone will check in every hour. 3. Today is a very long day, and you may wish to bring some extra clothing. It can get 4. Upon arrival we will have our group picture taken in front of the Hard Rock Café. We will remain here all day and you may pass back and forth between both parks. Both Universal parks close at 7:00. 5. At 7:00, we will take the bus back to the hotel. 6. We may return to Downtown Disney that night depending on how the timing unfolds. 1. At 7:30, we will meet and go to breakfast at the hotel. Every person will be given a $20.00 Disney Dining Card toward the cost of meals. Everyone must attend breakfast. 2. At 8:30, we will meet at a designated area near our rooms and take the bus to The 3. At 9:00 pm, we will see the Main Street Electrical Parade 4. At 10:00 pm, we will see the Wishes Night Time Fireworks. 5. At the conclusion of the show we will take the bus back to the hotel. 1. At 7:30, we will meet and go to breakfast at the hotel. Every person will receive an 2. Upon returning from breakfast, we will pack and check out of the hotel. Your room will be inspected before you are allowed to check out. Please leave your room as you found it. You will want to bring your carry-on with a change of clothes with you to the park. 3. At 9:00, we will take the Disney bus to Blizzard Beach Water Park. Wear sun-block 4. At 5:00, we will take a charter bus to the Orlando Airport for check in (Southwest 5. At approximately 10:20 p.m., our flight will arrive in Philadelphia and we will claim 6. Approximate arrival at high school at 11:30 by bus. Please remind your parents/guardians to be waiting for you at the school by 11:30 p.m. • Times listed in this itinerary are subject to change, so pay attention! • STUDENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO LEAVE THEIR VEHICLES PARKED ON SCHOOL PROPERTY WHILE ON THE SENIOR CLASS TRIP. • Students must have a government-issued photo ID. A driver’s license is preferred. Military ID or a Passport is also acceptable. If a license is not available, bring two forms of ID. • Be prepared to answer questions about your bags. When asked who packed your bags, and if you might have left them unattended at any time, think carefully. Electronic items may be subject to additional screening. Do not pack any cutting or puncturing items. Aerosol spray cans have not been permitted recently either. • Do not joke about having a bomb or firearm. Do not discuss terrorism, weapons, explosives, or other threats while going through the security checkpoint. The mere mention of any of these terms can compel security to detain and question you. • It is strongly suggested that only disposable cameras be brought on the trip. • Even though we are going to Florida, the weather can vary from being quite hot to quite cold. Keep this in mind when you pack. Pack clothing you will be able to wear in layers. • Students will require enough money to pay for five days worth of lunches and snacks, and two dinners. Additional money may be desired for souvenirs. We suggest $175.00 as a bare minimum, but suggest that you bring extra money, as things are very expensive. • The sun in Florida is significantly stronger than the sun in New Jersey. We strongly suggest that you bring and apply sun-block multiple times each day. Sunburn can be very painful and will ruin your trip. • Students who have experienced motion sickness previously are encouraged to take precautions against it for the entire trip. Students who have never flown may also wish to prepare themselves for motion sickness. • It is imperative that all students follow the Senior Class Trip Rules. Any infractions will be dealt with severely. Examples of this may be sending a student home early, relegating a student to his or her hotel room for a prescribed amount of time, exclusion from school functions for the remainder of the year, and suspension from school. If any student is sent home early, it will be at the student and his or her parents’ expense. • It is important that all students be punctual at all set meeting places. Buses cannot • Students needing medical attention or assistance of any kind should report to the First Aid station in the particular park. If serious circumstances present themselves, the parent/guardian will be notified as soon as possible and will be responsible for any expenses incurred. • Do not wait until the last minute to think about packing. Do not pack money or medication in your suitcase. Pack these things in your carry-on bag. You will not be able to get into your suitcase until you get to the hotel Tuesday evening. • Watch • Pajamas • Slippers/flip-flops/water shoes • 1-2 pr. Sneakers/comfortable shoes • 5-6 shirts/some long sleeves • 1-2 sweaters/sweatshirts • jacket • 4-5 pr. Shorts • 4-5 pr. Socks • 5-6 changes underwear • bathing suit/cover-up • beach towel • hat/visor • rain poncho • sunglasses • soap • toothpaste • comb/brush • chapstick • sun-block • lotion • deodorant, but no aerosol • aspirin/Tylenol/Dramamine • tissues • contact lens supplies • hair dryer • shampoo/hair spray • feminine hygiene needs • band-aids Burlington County Institute of Technology ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES/DRUGS: Possession, distribution, purchase, and/or
consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs not registered with the school nurse are
prohibited and will be cause for terminating the trip for the person(s) involved. The
parents/guardians and/or student(s) will assume all legal and financial expenses for the
trip home. If necessary, the local authorities will be contacted.
ANY STUDENT who is sent home will be referred for an administrative hearing and
may be suspended out-of-school for a maximum of five school days upon his/her return
and will also forfeit all rights as a member of his/her class. He/she will not be permitted
to attend any school functions, nor will such students be permitted to participate in
graduation exercises. The parents/guardians and/or student(s) will assume all legal and
financial expenses for the trip home.
CHAPERONES: The administration has the authority to search persons, personal
belongings, and accommodations based upon reasonable suspicion. Room checks will
be held nightly. In the event of any problems, students should make every effort to see
one of the chaperones.
PROPERTY DAMAGE: Rooms will be inspected by the chaperones and students
immediately upon arrival at the hotel. Students and chaperones will complete a sign-off
form after the room has been inspected. The occupants of each room will be financially
responsible for any property damage. All rooms should be inspected upon arrival.
Report any item to the chaperones that may have been damaged prior to arrival.
Students are responsible for their phone charges, if applicable. CURFEW: Curfew times will be announced daily and will be strictly adhered to by the
students. All students must stay in their assigned rooms between curfew and 6:00 A.M.
No outside visitors are allowed in rooms.
VIOLATIONS of any school trip policies, school rules or establishment, or other public
laws and regulations, local and Florida state laws, will be dealt with accordingly.
Parents/guardians and students will be required to attend a meeting and affix their signatures to the above rules prior to the trip. While at Disney Theme Parks, Blizzard Beach, the Disney Resort, Universal Studios or anywhere else, students may not leave the authorized areas. Students who depart from the authorized areas will be suspended and subject to being sent home at the expense of their parents/guardian. Students are to use transports provided by the travel agency and Disney transportation as directed by chaperones. ADDITIONAL REASONS FOR BEING SENT HOME: Stealing, fighting, breaking
curfew, shoplifting or other actions which impact upon the orderly process of this trip.
Infractions will be evaluated on an individual basis by the administrator in charge of the
All Students must participate in all planned activities. No video cameras are permitted. It is suggested that students only bring disposable cameras. We have read the above Rules and Regulations of the Senior Class Trip and are aware of the behavior required and the policies involved. IF PARENTS/GUARDIANS AND/OR STUDENTS ARE UNABLE TO AGREE WITH THE RULES AND CONSEQUENCES RELATIVE TO THE TRIP, THEY SHOULD NOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS ACTIVITIY.


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