Global Sun Partners L.P.
(a.k.a Arava Power)
Company Obtains $1,100,000 in Partnership Interests in Global Sun Partners

New York, Tel Aviv August 2009-
Global Sun Partners, also known as Arava Power (The “Company”), an Israeli based
company located in Southern Israel, recently closed on a Series A round of financing comprised of partnership units. “We,
as well as our investors, are very pleased to have participated in the first round of financing for this amazing alternative
energy company. It is the 3rd investment we have made in the solar industry and follows our goal of seeking out innovative
alternative energy investments worldwide. We hope one day that the Company will supply as much as 2% of Israel’s
electrical needs. I want to specifically acknowledge Yosi Abramowitz, the Founder of Arava Power, for his vision and
enthusiasm and my partner Gil Raker for his voluminous efforts on our behalf. We are very excited about our foray back
into the Israel Venture Capital market where some of the world’s greatest technologies originate”, stated Mark I Lev,
Chairman and CEO of Wellfleet Partners.
Global Sun Partners,
is an Israel based company specializing in the deployment of solar energy panels in the Negev desert
in Southern Israel in an area also know as the Arava Valley. The Company has developed technology for utilizing solar
panels that maximize the available abundance of sun light in an area that receives sun light during nine (9) months out of
the year for the production of solar energy and electricity. Arava is well position to take advantage of recently enacted
“regulations” and “feed-in-tariffs” to build solar energy plants on a large scale in Southern Israel. The Company plans on
signing long term land lease deals for plots of land from local Kibbutzim and Moshavim owners in the Negev desert, which
together would total over 100 land spots. Arava will purchase strategic land in the Arava valley that is ideally positioned to
attract sunlight at specific degrees that is ideal for power generation. The abundance of open space, arid land, and the desert
environment that the Negev affords APC, will provide infinite space for placement of solar energy fields, and alleviating
the burden on the nation’s power grid. Arava anticipates that the government will announce the tariff as planned in
September/October of 2009 and the first field will be deployed by Q1 2010. The deployments are forecasted to be on
agriculturally zoned lands, and will be the mid-size 5MW projects. The Company has entered into a strategic partnership
with a world known, prominent German solar installation company as its Partner which will also provide project financing.
This round represents the Series A/”Friend and Family” round of financing with a subsequent round to follow in late 2009,
early 2010.

About Wellfleet Partners, Inc.

Wellfleet Partners, Inc.
(WPs or Wellfleet), which recently celebrated its 11th year anniversary, is a boutique investment
and merchant banking, venture capital and financial services and consulting firm, which was founded by Mark I. Lev in
early 1998. The Company’s emphasis is to engage in a wide variety of corporate finance, venture capital, management
consulting and corporate Investment Banking related activities to a broad range of public and private emerging small to
medium sized growth companies. In addition, through subsidiaries and/or affiliates, it offers financial and brokerage
services and money management as well and has strategic partnerships in London, England, Ra’anana, Tel Aviv, Israel,
Dublin, Ireland, Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Southern California (Los Angeles & San Diego), Northern California
(Palo Alto) and in conjunction with MRM Finance LLC opened an office in Beijing, China in 2008. WP’s render all its
fund raising related activities through Sandgrain Securities, Inc., a registered FINRA broker dealer. For more information,
please go to
One Penn Plaza, Suite 2411 New York, NY 10119 ● Phone (212) 714-0400 ● Fax (212) 714-1835


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