Dr Cosmo Hallström
11 Sloane Court West
Midsummer Court
26 Kings Hill Avenue
314 Midsummer Boulevard
Kings Hill
Milton Keynes
West Malling
Tel: 020 7730 7560
Fax: 020 7730 9871
Brief CV

Cosmo Hallström MB ChB MD FRCP FRCPsych DPM
General Adult Psychiatrist. Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist at Charing Cross
Hospital and Senior Lecturer at Imperial College Medical School, and the Tavistock
Clinic, Family Drug and Alcohol Court Team.
Specialist in psychopharmacology. Past examiner at the Royal College of Psychiatrists.
Approved under Section 12 of the Mental Health Act, 1983.
Contributor to over 100 scientific papers, articles and books on anxiety, depression,
sleep and tranquilliser dependency and general psychiatry.
I qualified medically in Liverpool in 1971 and subsequently studied, post graduate
medicine qualifying as an MRCP at St Bartholomew's Hospital and then psychiatry at
the Maudsley Hospital where I obtained the MRCPsych, being elected to the Fellowship
of the Royal College of Psychiatrists more recently and then the Royal College of
Physicians. I have also worked in Sweden and spent 2 years working at the Nathan
Kline Research Institute in New York where I held a New York licence to practice. I
was also an assistant clinical professor at New York University.
I became a Consultant Psychiatrist at Charing Cross Hospital and senior lecturer at the
medical school in 1982 where I ran an inner-city catchment area for some 13 years. I
became disillusioned with the NHS reforms and the realisation that the National Health
Service (NHS) no longer had a place for the treatment of neurosis within the psychiatric
departments. Thus I resigned in 1996 to take up full time private practice, specialising
in medicolegal work, pharmaceutical consultancy, NHS contract work for extra-
contractual referrals (ECRs), and private practice specialising in neurotic disorders.
Main Areas of Expertise
As an adult general psychiatrist I have broad experience in all manifestations of mental
abnormality and mental illness. I was responsible for providing all the services in my
catchment area in the NHS. As such I have considerable experience in schizophrenia,
mood disorders, alcoholism, drug abuse and personality disorders.

As a psychopharmacologist I hold an MD (similar to a PhD) from Liverpool University
in Clinical Psychopharmacology, which was awarded in 1988. This work is specifically
related to anxiety and tranquilliser dependency.
I have been conducting clinical drug trials since 1974 and have done research in
schizophrenia, alcoholism, social phobia, depression and anxiety as the main areas of
Over the years I have increasingly become involved in medico-legal work. I do about
300 medico-legal reports per year; 60% childcare, 5% criminal matters, 5% diverse
matters including medical negligence, 10% occupational stress and 20% personal injury
(approximately) of which 1/3rd for claimant, 1/3rd defendant and 1/3rd are joint
I give evidence in court about 20 times a year, and am a Member of the Family Drug
and Alcohol Court Team (FDAC).
I frequently appear in the media, often as a spokesman for the Royal College of
Psychiatrists and have contact with the media, on average once a month, giving general
comment on psychiatric matters in the public interest.
I have a small private practice seeing patients referred to me for specialist opinions. My
practice covers the spectrum of psychiatry, and I work closely with my colleagues in
allied disciplines.
As Medical Director of the Florence Nightingale Clinic Chelsea between 1997 and 2003,
I was part of the management team of The Hospital Group, and involved myself in the
teaching of junior staff and generally oversee the running of a busy clinic specialising in
contract work for the NHS.
As a senior lecturer I had considerable experience in lecturing to a wide range of
audiences ranging from school children to medical students and specialist psychiatric
audiences. I have lectured extensively at home and abroad, mainly on mood disorders,
but increasingly in areas of general psychiatric interest.
Consultant Psychiatrist to the FDAC Team, awarded “Psychiatric Team of the Year
November 2011” by the Royal College of Psychiatrists at the Recognising Excellence in
Psychiatry Awards.
My full CV is available on request, or on my website:



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