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Govt. of India Ministry of Communications Office of the Pr.Controller of Communication Accounts, 1st & 3rd floors, Triveni Complex, Abids, Hyderabad-500001 Phone No.: 040-24761445; Fax No.040-24762666 Lr.No.Pr. CCA/ Pen-I / Pension Adalat/Vol.III/2013/
Dated 21-01-2014 _____
Quarterly Pension Adalat for the Quarter ending December 2013 was held on 10-01-2014 from 1100 hrs. in the Conference hall of office of GMTD, Vijayawada. The Adalat was chaired by Pr.CCA and was
attended by CCA, Jt.CCA (Pension), Dy.CCA (Pension) and CAO of Pension-I. Manager of CPPC of State Bank
of India, DFA O/o GMTD, Vijayawada, CAO of O/o GMTD, Vijayawada, CAO of O/o GMTD, Guntur and
CAO(Plg) of O/o GMTD, Eluru, representatives of DA (P), have also attended the Adalat. Grievances
received both in writing and in person were discussed and disposed.
Out of 5 individual pensioners who have sent their grievances to the Adalat none have attended the Adalat. However, all the grievances received for the Adalat were examined and discussed in absentia. Five pensioners attended the Adalat without prior notice and the cases were admitted, heard and disposed. Two Pensioner Welfare Associations attended the Adalat. The details of the grievances, action taken in this office on the grievances and decision of the Pr. CCA as the chairman of the Adalat are furnished as under: INDIVIDUAL PENSIONERS:
Pensioner's Name
W/o Late K Venkateswara
Rao; PPO# S-3750/TCAP;
w/o Late K Narasimha Rao
w/o Late K Somaraju
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Minutes of Pension Adalat – 10-01-2014 Pensioner's Name
Letter addressed to BSNL-Nellore for submission of Form-20 D/o Late B Koti Reddy
different forms regarding her dob; Reply awaited from the unit; Letter was addressed to the unit on 27-12-2013. W/o Late T Yesupadam
regarding discrepancy in the name of the deceased employee.

B Deva Raju
SPV Raghavachary
this office for revision and also for change of PDA. P V Ratnamma
S.L. Gokul Rao
from the BSNL units. Representations was of Late P Krishnaiah
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Minutes of Pension Adalat – 10-01-2014 GRIEVANCES RECEIVED FROM AIBSNLPWA:
Pensioner's Name
W/o Late P Satya
narayana, PPO#
done with CPPC. 2. Revised Pension is being paid from March L Surya Prakasa Rao,
crediting of DR.The same is being recovered in monthly basis. 1) Pension was revised by Pr.CCA Chennai vide Lr Late S Veera Swamy,
3)F.Pension at enhanced rate to be paid up to11-12-2011 . Late S Lakshmana Rao, L
payment of FMA to pensioner / FP. Case will be settled up on receipt. Page 3 of 11
Minutes of Pension Adalat – 10-01-2014 Pensioner's Name
Pension was revised vide Lr No. CCA/C 20/Sup- H Mohana Rao SSS(O)
State Bank of India, Gajuwaka Branch, Vizag M L K Prasad
w/o Late Soma Raju,
B Kondaiah,
N Seshadri Sarma
N Lakshmi,
D Galib Saheb,
P Venkateswarlu,
K Rajeswar Rao,
Manager, SBH, Hasanparthy Branch, Warangal Dist Page 4 of 11
Minutes of Pension Adalat – 10-01-2014 Pensioner's Name
Sk Madar Saheb,
to redress the grievance. In this case, bank has wrongly paid CDA Ch Ravi chandrudu,
amount still to be recovered is Rs. 6377/-. Pension Revision w.e.f. 01-01-2007. However, it K Ananthaiah, PPO
The same is being recovered by the bank. W/o N Ramalingam
dated 17-12-2013. It was informed by CPPC - S/o Late S S C Prakasa
Rao; PPO Nos 3663 &
pension was not paid from Nov-12. Lr addressed to BSNL - RJY on 29-10-2013 reg. 2nd w/o Late S S C
Prakasa Rao - PPO#
deceased employee. Rem. issued on 06-01-13. W/o Late Sk Allabakash
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Minutes of Pension Adalat – 10-01-2014 Pensioner's Name
Late U Chandrasekhara
this office on 13-11-2013. Pending with PDA- Rao; PPO# 2695/TCAP;
minor s/o Late K
case. Case received on 02-12-13; Letter was addressed w/o Late P Krishna Rao;
Eluru; Case No.:
Case will be settled on receipt of reply. Letter addressed to BSNL V K Victor
the necessary incorporation. Letter No. TAC/PEN/CCA/SUP- A V V S Gurudev
R A Subba Rao
D Rama Rao
Y Peddaiah
V Balakrishna
Ch Mastan
K Kotiratnam
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Minutes of Pension Adalat – 10-01-2014 Pensioner's Name
A Prabhakara Rao
H Jagganna
K Sanyasi Rao
I Raja Rao
Md Mehra Ali
T Koteswara Rao
03-01-14 to submit a valid on receipt of the M Surekantham w/o
B Chandrasekhar
K Venkateswara Rao
K Lakshminarayana
P Ramamohana Rao
Sk Ameeruddin
N Ramaswamy
Ch Rama Rao
Ch Chenchu
on 28-09-2002. Unit was addressed on 09-10-2013 regarding the same. Page 7 of 11
Minutes of Pension Adalat – 10-01-2014 Pensioner's Name
w/o Late B Chandraiah
6th CPC revised order was issued on 20-03-12. w/o Late T Israel
Case No. 49 to 65 are regarding implementation of revision orders of DoP & PW dated 13-02-2013
Sk Ganni Saheb
S A Munaff; (VR)
Ch Venkateswarlu
A Satyanarayana (VR)
S Bhushanam
V Rajagopala Rao
P Savitri (VR)
Non-Revision of pension of DoT Retirees (Pre-2006) as T S N Murthy
Late S Laxmana Rao
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Minutes of Pension Adalat – 10-01-2014 Pensioner's Name
Late S Veera Swamy
S S Prakasa Rao
M Raja Rao
there would be no effect of 13-02-13 order. D A Prabhakara Rao
Abdul Hannan
K Mohana Rao
J Purnachandra Rao
J Venkata Rao
information is sought from the unit. Letter No. CCA/22-FM / w/o Late B Bangari
Reddy; PPO# S-
fixation. A reminder also issued on 02-01-2014. W/o Late V L Srinivasa
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Minutes of Pension Adalat – 10-01-2014 GRIEVANCES RECEIVED FROM AIBDPA:
Pensioner's Name
W/o Late S Kanchana Rao
Noor Basha
W/o Late K Satyam
Attested copies of revised PPO was forwarded to SBI W/o Late P Anjaneyulu
01-2014 for speedy settlement of the case. forwarded to this office. Case will be settled soon. K Venkateswarlu
PPO# 9401/TCAP;
T V S Sastry
N Sudarshan Reddy
PPO was issued on 08-12-2011; Grievance regarding difference in pension in comparision with another Y Venkataiah
processed due to non-furnishing of required information in the grievance received. K Bhaskara Rao
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Minutes of Pension Adalat – 10-01-2014 Pensioner's Name
P Seshanna
S Surjeeth Singh
Mohd. Siraj Mohiuddin
Revision of pay scales of non-executives as per 2nd PRC; P Linga Reddy
W/o Late A Krishaniah
Jt. CCA (Pension)
1. Pension Welfare Associations.
2. PA to Pr.CCA / PA to CCA / PA to Jt.CCA for information of Pr.CCA / CCA / Jt.CCA.
3. All CAOs of pension section.
4. Web-site copy.

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Minutes of Pension Adalat – 10-01-2014


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