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Copper Kettle Coffee
To Try some samples, please ring Howard or Moira on Tel. 01621-782203 or 07977-844163
Prices include free filter papers
Any size sachet available from 15-500 grams Please enquire if your requirement is not shown No. in Box
Weight 25gms
45gms * 50 gms* 50gms*
gms# 60gms
1.75 Pint
2 Pint
3 Pint
Copper Kettle C Roast
Organic Sumatra D Roast
Organic Santos D+ Roast
Papua New Guinea B+ Roast
Columbian Blend
Decaff Colombian
Olympic B Roast
Costa Rica A Roast
F/T Brazilian C Roast
Fairtrade Espresso
Recommended strengths, "$" =1 Pint Jugs,
"*" = 2 pint (1.25L) DOMESTIC JUGS,
"#" = 3 pint (1.8L) JUGS
Tasting Notes for Fairtrade Coffees supplied in Sachets
Fairtrade Copper Kettle Blend.
A blend of Colombian and Santos roasted to a full medium colour to bring out the finest aspects of the flavour.
The dryness of the Santos mixed with the bright notes of the Colombian creates a superb “all day” coffee.

Organic Fairtrade Sumatra Blend (D Roast)
This coffee is grown close to the shore of Lake Tawa, nestling in the dormant volcanic mountains, home to the
Sumatran tiger. It is slowly roasted to a deep colour, which develops a rich chocolaty flavour, leaving a velvety
smooth aftertaste
Organic Fairtrade Brazil/Santos.(D + Roast)
The coffee has a special individual flavour and is grown in the San Paolo region of Brazil. The name Santos
comes from the main port from which it is shipped. Brazil produces about 35% of the world's coffee. The
flavour is described as smooth, moderate acidity and medium in body. It’s flavour is dominated by an
earthiness, that is characteristic of dry processed coffees.
This coffee is a special pulp washed Brazilian
which produces a r ich fruity flavour with lots of body and aftertaste, bringing you all the excitement of Mardi-

Organic Fairtrade Papua New Guinea (B Roast)
Papua New Guinea is produced in the mountainous Eastern Highlands at Purosa where soil is rich and dark in
colour with volcanic origins. The coffee is produced by traditional methods – the trees have never seen
chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The coffee has a chocolate, nutty flavour with a slight fruity finish.

Fairtrade Colombian Medellin Excelso
Grown in the Andes Mountains near the source of the Magdalena River, shaded by bananas & tropical trees.
The cherries are hand picked by families of coffee growers who sell direct to control quality & purity. They
receive considerable financial aid for their operations to support the coffee against illegal drug cultivation. The
flavour of Colombian, is exemplified in a smooth rich flavour with substantial full body and lovely aftertaste.
De-Caffeinated Fairtrade Colombian Medellin Excelso (B Roast).
Using the above for De-caffeination means that we have “a good all round coffee” with a nice mellow taste.
Inevitably the process of de-caffeination, using Methylene Chloride, will take away the 'bite' associated with the
caffeine, but never the less provides a sustaining and enjoyable drink. Decaffeination reduces the content of
caffeine from 65-120mg per cup to 2-4mg (caffeine residue is less than 0.08%)
Fairtrade Olympic Blend (B + Roast).
Take three estate coffees from Central America, a good full bodied Santos, an aromatic Colombian & a fruity
Costa Rica
and roast them to a full roast, but not until the oils exude onto the surface to give a round full
bodied all day coffee. Similar in style to Mountain Blend.

Fairtrade Costa Rica -Miromar Plantation
. Grown over 2,000 metres these are marked SHB (strictly
hard bean), a feature of top Arabica coffees. The higher altitude allows the bean to mature more slowly,
increasing its acidity and giving a fuller flavour. The coffee has a superb clean and crisp taste with slight acidity
and a full body characteristic of the best Costa Rican coffee makes Costa Rican coffee very good for breakfast.
Fairtrade Brazilian Arabica –C Roast
(Federation of Community Associations of the Rural Family Farmers of Iuna and Irupi)
20 associations make up the FACI Cooperative; 750 families doing a variety of jobs produce 13,000 sacks of
coffee per year. The method of processing allows this coffee to perform wonderfully as a light Italian roast,
producing a rich and full bodied espresso coffee.

Fairtrade Espresso Blend (C Roast).
Through years of experience we have developed a superb espresso blend using only Fairtrade coffees. The
balance achieved through using, Sumatran, Honduras, Costa Rican and Tanzanian coffees produces a strong
heavy brew of rich espresso. The darker roast enables us to balance the bitterness against the characteristic
strength of the origins. A coffee which will give you all the caffeine needed….until you can’t wait for the next
cup !!


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