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_____________________________________________________________________ 777 WELCH ROAD • PALO ALTO, CA 94304-1691 STATEMENT OF INSTRUCTIONS AND CONSENT FOR ZOOM BLEACHING: Zoom2 Chair-side Whitening involves a series of steps: Isolation of you gums and lips, three 15-minute Gel and Light Applications and a Post Treatment Satin Finisher. Depending upon your teeth’s sensitivity level, you may or may not have some sensitivity during and/or after the treatment. There may only be a slight warming sensation or there could be a greater degree of sensitivity which could include a “zinger”, “zapping” or aching sensation in your gums and/or teeth. This sensitivity may start during the Gel and Light Application and may continue and dissipate over 12 or more hours after completion of the treatment. Prior to your treatment we recommend you eat and then take two 200mg of Advil, Ibuprofen or Motrin to help minimize this sensitivity. You may want to take additional doses throughout the day or night, depending on you needs. If you have had previous tooth sensitivity, we recommend that you do not return to work the We also recommend you apply a SPF 15 or greater lotion to your face prior to the treatment. If this is not possible, then we recommend you allow us to apply one. If you choose for us to apply it, we request that you remove your makeup prior to For the greatest results, it is recommended that you receive your oral cleaning prior The first 48 hours after your treatment are important in enhancing and maximizing your whitening results for a long lasting, bright and healthy smile. For 48 hours after treatment, dark staining substances should be avoided; such as our suggested, but not all inclusive list of items to avoid. 2. I have had an opportunity to ask sufficient questions. 3. I had my last cleaning on ______________ and have chosen to proceed/not proceed to the Zoom2 Bleaching Treatment. 4. I have taken/not taken a suggested dose of Advil, Ibuprofen or Motrin 5. I have chosen to apply a facial cream of SPF 15 or above prior to my 6. I have removed my makeup and request the office to apply SPF 15 7. I do realize the first 48 hours after treatment are important in enhancing and maximizing my whitening results and will not eat or drink anything that may darken or stain my teeth. 8. I understand I may have sensitivity, which may last 12 or more hours during and after treatment, such as but is not all inclusive of: A. Warm sensation to my gums and/or lips which may last B. Zingers, zapping or aching to individual teeth which may last C. Prolonged soreness or tenderness to the teeth. 9. I will notify the doctor immediately if I should have any other 10. I will/will not be returning to work today. 11. I have read and initialed the attached Proactive Drug Information that is attached and acknowledge that I do not currently take any of these 12. I authorize the office of Cox & Miranda, DDS to apply the Zoom2 13. I certify that I read write English and have read and fully understand that consent for the bleaching treatment. PLEASE ASK THE DOCTOR IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER QUESTIONS REGARDING THIS X__________________________________________________________________ Patient’s signature (or legal guardian if under 18) Date X_________________________________________________________________ X_________________________________________________________________ The following medications are commonly considered to be photo-reactive and may cause an adverse condition if used in conjunction with the Zoom System. If you are currently taking any of these medications, please consult your physician before going through the Zoom2 System. To check photo-reactive properties of any medications not listed below, please consult the most recent edition of the Physician’s Drug Reference (PDR). Aldacteride, Aldoril, Capozide, Dyazide, I have read the list above and understand that the medications listed, if taken, can have an adverse reaction when used with the Zoom System. I also acknowledge that I do not currently take any of these prescribed medications.

Source: http://www.coxmiranda.com/forms/Zoom%20Instruction%20Consent.pdf

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