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50 year old male with better Diabetes Control and Weight Loss in 6 months
William M. is a 50 year old male who was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 approximately 4 years ago after experiencing increased thirst and urination. William has a medical history of Hypertension and Hyperlipidemia. William became a member of Wellness4Life in July 2007. Prior to joining Wellness4Life, he was taking 1000mg Glucophage twice daily and 4mg Amaryl once daily for diabetes. He was also taking Lisinopril and Pravastatin medications. He was not monitoring his blood glucose levels on a regular basis and did not own a glucometer. Furthermore, he was not exercising. On starting the Wellness Program, William was obese with a BMI of 34.30 (weight 238.2 pounds, height 70 inches) and his blood pressure was controlled at 110/80. The participant received diabetes education through his cell phone with reminders to test. William also had visits with both his physician and diabetes educator who were able to access the blood glucose, blood pressure, nutritional, and exercise data in William's personal health record at Eos Health. William was found to have poorly controlled blood glucose levels by HbA1c test at 8.2%. To aid in weight loss and improved glucose control, William was started on the Wellness4Life Weight Management Program. He reported that he had been non compliant with dietary habits and was interested in improving his overall glucose control and weight loss. William also enrolled on Wellness4Life's mobile and online diabetes education. He received several specific topics on his mobile phone. And he could also check online suggestions by his input numbers from his educator. William was introduced to carbohydrate counting, label readings and portion control to aid in making better dietary choices. William was also shown proper technique and guidelines for insulin use. Basic skills such as signs and symptoms of hyper/hypoglycemia were provided to William as well. He was also instructed on the importance of monitoring and received both reminders and alerts. After one month William had lost 5 pounds, decreased his BMI by 2.1% and reported that he had been watching his dietary habits. His physician adjusted his medication daily to aid in improved glucose control and weight loss. At 3 months and at his follow-up appointment with his physician and educator, he had lost another 13 pounds and decreased his BMI by another 5.6%. William was able to discontinue Amaryl at this time. After 6 months he had lost an additional 14 pounds for an overall weight loss of 32 pounds and decreased his BMI classification to overweight at 29.78 with an overall reduction of 13.18%. His HbA1c dropped 2.1 % to optimal control at 6.1%. William’s Wellness4Life personal health record reports that he is also exercising in the form of swimming as well as walking at least 6,000 steps on a daily basis. William is now monitoring his glucose levels at least three times per day. Overall, William is very pleased with the progress he has made and is motivated to continue making positive lifestyle changes. Copyright 2009 EosHealth, Inc. All rights reserved.



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