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Therapeutic Use Exemptions
Under Golf Australia’s Anti-Doping Policy
The fol owing information provides an outline of the approval process for Therapeutic Use Exemptions under the Golf Australia’s Anti-Doping Policy. Any player participating in a Golf Australia Championship, or any other tournament that carries a condition for drug testing under Golf Australia’s Anti-Doping Policy, wil be required to apply for a therapeutic use exemption as listed below if they are taking a substance banned under Firstly, to determine the rules under our Anti-Doping Policy, you should check with the approved Golf Australia Anti-Doping Policy listed on our website ( The Policy is updated from time-to-time to conform to World
To check the status of an actual substance, it is recommend you cal the Australian
Sports Anti-Doping Agency Hotline on 1800 020 506 to determine if the substance is
banned under our Policy. This is a free service that operates 9.00am – 5.00pm weekdays Eastern Australian Time. The ASADA Hotline operator wil provide you with the status advice and a cal reference number. Medications and substances can also be checked outside the above hours on the WADA website ( or by obtaining a current copy of ASADA’s Anti- Doping Handbook. The WADA List of Prohibited Substances is reviewed at least There are two different classes of Therapeutic Use Exemptions available under WADA anti-doping rules, Standard and Abbreviated. Listed below is the approval process for
each and both forms are available on our website.
Standard Therapeutic Use Exemptions
Players with a documented medical condition requiring the Use of a Prohibited Substance or a Prohibited Method must first obtain a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) in accordance with the WADA International TUE Standard. In Australia, this means that an application on an ASDMAC Application Form must be made to the Australian Sports Drug Medical Advisory Committee (ASDMAC). The Form is available from the ASDMAC website ( or the Golf Australia website ( The application can be submitted directly to ASDMAC by an athlete or via Golf Australia. In either case, Golf Australia wil be informed about the result only if an exemption is approved. ASDMAC contact details are: In regard to Standard TUE applications, the fol owing points should be noted: • A fully completed, signed original ASDMAC application form must be
submitted. The original athlete signature is necessary for ASDMAC to comply with Australian privacy legislation. The Medical Practitioner’s signature is also • Sufficient supporting clinical documentation must be provided with the application to meet the strict criteria which is required before approval can be granted. The supporting clinical information should include a full clinical history,
investigations and test results and information as to failed treatment with
permitted medications.
• ASDMAC wil mail formal confirmation of its TUE decision to the applicant. The Standard TUE Process wil take approximately 21 working days to assess once an application has been received by ASDMAC. Their assessment process involves sending copies of the application and documentation to 5 medical practitioners for
Urgent and emergency therapeutic use exemptions
If approval is required in less than seven days (urgent) or treatment must be commenced immediately (emergency) then the ASDMAC procedure below should be
In-office hours (9.00am-5.30pm weekdays)
• Phone ASDMAC secretariat on (02) 6206 0232. • If necessary, the treating doctor may discuss the case with an ASDMAC • In emergency cases a provisional TUE approval may be given over the phone. Such approval may be subject to conditions. • Approval, if granted, wil be formalised when the ASDMAC standard TUE application form and al supporting documentation is submitted to ASDMAC’s secretariat within a permitted timeframe. Out-of-office hours (including weekends and public holidays)
• Email or fax the ASDMAC secretariat on (02) 6206 0262 with ful details of the case to be considered including the medication used, condition prescribed for and contact details. • You wil be contacted by the ASDMAC secretariat and the above process wil be • If necessary, the treating doctor may discuss the situation with an ASDMAC ASDMAC also mention that in an emergency or urgent situation it is important to remember that the treating medical practitioner should use his or her clinical judgment and treat the patient first. If time is available, consideration should be given to the use of
Abbreviated Therapeutic Use Exemptions (ATUE)

Abbreviated TUE’s are managed by Golf Australia and therefore the Golf Australia
Abbreviated Application Form must be submitted to Golf Australia, not ASDMAC. Substances covered by the abbreviated process include: - an inhaled asthma medication (formoterol, salbutamol, salmeterol, terbutaline) - a non-systemic glucocorticosteroid (anal, aural, inhalation, intra-articular, nasal and ophthalmological administration; glucocorticosteroids are contained in some In regard to ATUE applications, the fol owing points should be noted: • A fully completed, signed original ATUE application form must be
submitted to Matt Cutler at Golf Australia. The original athlete and their
medical practitioner’s signatures are required. (Please mark the application • The medical practitioner must provide information concerning symptoms, tests and diagnosis under the Medical Information Section. • Once the information is received I wil put the athletes’ details on our ATUE For further information regarding TUE's or any other Anti-Doping matters please contact Matt Cutler - High Performance at Golf Australia on 03 9626 5050.


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