Kent mountain centre visit - november 2002

Kent Mountain Centre Visit - November 2010
Equipment List
There follows a list of personal items that you will require during the trip:  Large suitcase (preferred) or rucksack.
This is never used for activities. The large suitcase is preferred because it acts as extra 'drawer' space under the bunks.  Pyjamas/nightwear.
Wash kit.
This can be very basic and need only contain deodorant and items for cleaning hair, body and teeth. Every participant is expected to shower at least once each day. Please read the note below about NO AEROSOLS.  Two towels - one bath sheet size and one hand size.
KMC has a very efficient drying room so you are unlikely to need more than one towel unless you do an activity that involves getting very wet.  Swimming costume/trunks.
Some activities require the use of wetsuits - swimming costume/trunks are best worn underneath.  Underclothes - several changes.
As you are away for SEVEN days; SIX changes of underclothes would seem to make sense.  AT LEAST two pairs of ski-type socks.
These are to be worn inside the walking boots that KMC supplies. The idea is to create some padding between your feet and the rather hard boots to avoid developing blisters. Loopstitch socks are best but avoid 100% wool (they are expensive and wear out very quickly) and 100% nylon (tend to increase the risk of blisters). A 50-50 mix is fairly common and recommended. DO NOT SKIMP ON THIS ITEM: blisters are painful and could spoil your enjoyment.  AT LEAST two pairs of warm trousers.
Ski pants are suitable (bur can be too warm, as are tracksuit trousers although the latter may need to be worn as part of a double layer. Synthetic fabrics are better here (polyester, nylon etc). Note that jeans, denim or heavy cotton trousers are not suitable.  Several warm shirts, pullovers, sweatshirts etc.
Fleece garments are ideal. Several thin insulating layers are better than a single hot, thick one; that way you have more choices than just 'boil' or 'freeze'!  A pair of warm gloves or mittens.
KMC will provide these anyway so your pair will be for use in emergencies. Nevertheless they are still essential equipment and you MUST bring them with you!  A warm, preferably wool hat that covers the ears.
As with the gloves, your hat is an essential backup - to be without it is potentially dangerous.  A roll of zinc oxide strapping/plaster (preferred) OR a small packet of plasters.
In a further attempt to avoid blisters, you will carry this as a precaution.  A thermos flask (preferably unbreakable stainless steel) - at least one pint capacity.
This is essential. Even if you do not normally take hot drinks during the day you will be
expected to carry one as part of the group emergency kit.
A reusable bottle for cold drinks – at least one pint capacity.
By far the best choice here is a plastic fizzy drink bottle; never leaks, very light, super-strong,
costs next to nothing and even comes with free fizzy drink when you buy it!
A small notebook and pencil.
A small torch containing fresh batteries and a spare set of batteries.
Some activities will be carried out at night or even underground. Try to get a balance between brightness and weight.  Three large plastic dustbin liners.
Casual clothes for travel and evening use.
The travelling should concern you much more than what you wear in the evening.
When packing, you MUST give priority to clothing used on activities.
Soft-soled footwear (e.g. trainers or slippers) for use in the Centre.
Footwear (e.g. old trainers) that you don't mind getting wet and dirty.
An old pair of trainers is fine but they must have some grip on the sole.  Some change (if you wish to use the Centre payphone).
Yes the payphone takes coins only.
A camera
Very useful but please consider how you will keep it dry. It is recommended that the following items be carried as hand luggage on the coach:
A light packed lunch and drink.
The coach will stop once on the way to KMC - please avoid filling your bladder!
You will get a cooked meal when you arrive on the Sunday evening so don't eat too much.
Something to do.
A book to read, personal music device (used ONLY with headphones) etc. Please note that seat belts on the coach will restrict your movement so games such as cards will be limited to two or three players.  Some money - about £2.00
Everything is expensive at the service station!  An outdoor coat that can double as a pillow.
You will only use this on the coach journeys - never on activities. The following items must NOT be taken to the Centre:
Mobile telephones
During activities; staff and instructors will carry these devices for use in emergencies.
At other times you will be able to use the payphone at the Centre.
You are NOT allowed to bring a mobile phone with you. This is because;
a) there are no facilities for recharging the battery, b) it would be very vulnerable to loss or damage, c) its presence detracts from the adventurous, independent-living atmosphere and d) its use could easily be abused if a serious incident (e.g. injury) were to occur whilst  Electrical equipment requiring connection to the mains
You will not be allowed to use it. The Centre will lend you a hair dryer if required.  Knives of any sort.
KMC already has cutlery and you will not be expected to peel your own potatoes.  Aerosol cans with the exception of Ventolin or other prescription medicines.
The KMC's fire detection system can't tell the difference between smoke and aerosols such as deodorant.  Stereos/Radios/MP3 players with loudspeakers.
These cannot be used without intruding upon the privacy of others.  Medicines etc, unless Mr Alderson has been notified previously


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