Activated carbon, for hangovers, 246–47 Allergies. See also Food allergies Acustimulation wrist bands, for nausea, 131 ADD. See Attention deficit disorder Antifungal herbs, for athlete’s foot, 56 Anti-inflammatory foods, for carpal tunnel Antioxidants. See Vitamin A; Vitamin C; www.jerrybaker.com
Bedstraw, for bloating, 99Bee stings. See Insect bites and stings Benzoyl peroxide, for foot odor, 399–400 Body fat. See Belly fat; Body weight Body temperature, thyroid function and, 425 Bone scans, for osteoporosis diagnosis, 335 Botanogesic, for sprains and strains, 391 Brandt-Daroff maneuver, for dizziness, 197 Butcher’s broom, for varicose veins, 453 Butenafine hydrochloride, for nail fungus, sinusitis, 378sprains and strains, 391–92 Broncho-Buster Spread, for bronchitis, 116 Carbon, activated, for hangovers, 246–47 Cancer. See also Breast cancer; Ovarian Circadian rhythms, insomnia and, 284–85 Citrus fruits. See also Lemon juice, for Cold sores. See Canker and cold sores Cold treatments. See Ice and cold Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), effect on Diet and nutrition. See also Food allergies; Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA), Ears, ringing in. See Ringing in the ears Eating habits. See also Diet and nutrition EFAs. See Omega-3 essential fatty acids; Emergen-C, for urinary tract infections, 440 Emery boards, for corns and calluses, 170–71 Erectile dysfunction (ED). See Impotence Essential fatty acids (EFAs). See Omega-3 First aid, for cuts and scrapes, 173–75 Helicobacter pylori, ulcers and, 433 Herpes simplex (cold sores), 138–41Herpes simplex-2 (genital herpes), 367–71 Ice cream, nutrient absorption and, 22, 355 Indigestion. See Heartburn; Stomachaches Lemon grass, for insect bites and stings, 223 LGG, for diarrhea, 192Libido, low. See Low libido Lady’s mantle, for menstrual problems, 317 Meat tenderizer, for insect bites and stings, Migraines, 248–49. See also Headaches Mustard poultice, for colds and flu, 162–63 Nail polish remover, effect on brittle nails, Motion sickness, 330. See also Nausea Mouth sores. See Canker and cold sores Muscle injuries. See Sprains and strains Omega-3 essential fatty acids. See also Omega-6 essential fatty acids, effect on Phosphates, effect on iron absorption, 22 Phosphatidylserine (PS), for memory loss, Probiotics. See Lactobacillus acidophilus Purslane, for intermittent claudication, 289 Radiation therapy, side effects of, 129–30 Red raspberry leaf, for menstrual problems, Sexual desire, low. See Low libido Shiitake mushrooms, for colds and flu, 160 Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), 178, 181 Sinus headaches, 249, 253. See also STDs. See Sexually transmitted diseases Stimulation, effect on attention deficit Swedish massage, 218. See also Massage Tension headaches, 249. See also Headaches Thiamin, for chronic fatigue syndrome, 150 TMD. See Temporomandibular disorder Tonic water, for restless legs syndrome, 357 Vaginal infections. See also Yeast Urinary incontinence. See Bladder leaks Vinpocetine, for ringing in the ears, 362 UTIs. See Urinary tract infections Yeast infections, 369. See also Vaginal White noise, for ringing in the ears, 360 Wrist rests, for carpal tunnel syndrome, 144 Wrist splints, for carpal tunnel syndrome, ringing in the ears, 361sore throat, 385–86 Zinc oxide, for canker or cold sores, 141 Zofran, for cancer, 129 Zoloft, for depression, 179 Y
Yarrow, for

Source: http://www.jerrybaker.com/information/pdfs/AmazingAntidotesIndex.pdf

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Pflegewissenschaft sollte zur Lösung und nicht zur Verschärfung der Pflegeproblematik beitragen Adelheid von Stösser Pflegewissenschaft ist hierzulande, im Vergleich zu einigen anderen europäischen Ländern und den USA, noch eine recht junge Disziplin. Dem langjährigen Bemühen von Pflegeverbänden und Einzelpersonen ist es zu verdanken, dass 1989 in Deutschland der erste Lehr

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I. Introduction A. History 1. Timeline decree of March 5th, 445 B.C. granting theJews permission to rebuild Jerusalem. 461 The Age of PERICLES, to 428 B.C. 486 DARIUS I died and XERXES I(AHASUERUS) ruled Persia. He was the458 The Holy Scriptures assumed a settledform. “Psalms”, a collection of spiritualsongs and poems used in worship anddevotion, written by different authors f

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