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Our body is an amazing creation. Every muscle in our body is linked to an
individual meridian. Meridians are invisible channels through which chi (= energy)
circulates throughout the body. Each meridian is linked to the organ system
providing a direct relationship to each other.
Through this link the calf muscles are aligned with the adrenal glands via the Triple
Heater meridian. The adrenals are a very important part of the Endocrine System.
The endocrine system is a group of glands that work together and secrete many
types of different hormones to regulate the body.
With some knowledge of the adrenals and an understanding of holistic health, it is
possible to see how health problems can occur.
To start with, wearing high heels places the calf muscles (related to the adrenals)
in an over contracted position (too tight) for an extended length of time. This
causes the adrenals to be under stress and drain the body affecting every task the
adrenals perform.
A very basic introduction to the adrenals
(Please research and investigate more yourself.)
The Adrenal Glands are located on each side of the
body and sit just above the kidney. They are like a little
hat on the kidneys.
The glands have an inner and outer part. The inner part
norepinephrine2. The outer part (cortex) secretes steroid hormones called corticosteroids3. One of the priority functions of the adrenal gland is to release hormones. It is responsible for helping us deal with stress including our fight flight response. The adrenal glands also help to regulate blood pressure, sugar metabolism and sex hormones. 1 Epinephrine is a hormone secreted by the adrenal medulla upon stimulation by the central nervous system in response to stress, as anger or fear, and acting to increase heart rate, blood pressure, cardiac output, and carbohydrate metabolism. 2 Norepinephrine is a neurotransmitter, released by adrenergic nerve terminals in the autonomic and possibly the central nervous system, that has such effects as constricting blood vessels, raising blood pressure, and dilating bronchi. 3 Corticosteroids are a class of steroid hormones that are produced in the adrenal cortex. Corticosteroids are involved in a wide range of physiologic systems such as stress response, immune response and regulation of inflammation, carbohydrate metabolism, protein catabolism, blood electrolyte levels, and behaviour. The adrenals and menopause

With the onset of menopause the ovary production of estrogen diminishes. The
adrenal gland takes over the responsibility of producing the estrogen and
progesterone. Therefore the adrenals have an extra workload. Provided the
adrenal glands are performing at their optimum, this function will reduce the
severity of the change in the hormone balance.
As mentioned above the calf muscles have a direct link to the adrenals. Wearing
high heels can affect menopause by causing a disturbance in the effectiveness of
the adrenals. This is due to the calf muscles being kept in a shortened position for
too long and too often. With the adrenals not working correctly oestrogen and / or
progesterone are affected.
A well-trained Kinesiologist can test the integrity (ability to work to a satisfactory
ability) of the calf muscles. If they are not working affectively the Kinesiologist will
use specific Kinesiology tests and corrections to find and fix what the person
requires to release the excess stress on the calf muscles. This will in turn help
balance the body to alleviate adrenal and menopausal symptoms.
The most common symptom of menopause is hot flushes. However women may
sometimes experience several of the symptoms listed below:
Crawling or itching sensations under the skin
Adrenal stress and fatigue
Our ever changing lifestyles have become highly stressed and we are not coping.
Stress is normal and natural. We need it to survive. The problem for many is that
we sustain too much stress and don’t receive enough balance in our lives.
When adrenal overwhelm happens, our adrenal glands will first overproduce
hormones and eventually get fatigued or exhausted. In doing so it will eventually
start to slow down the production of hormones and experience adrenal fatigue.
When adrenal fatigue occurs the adrenals glands will first over producing
hormones then slow down causing exhaustion. This is often known as adrenal
Many people are in a state of temporary or permanent stress or adrenal overwhelm. The most common signs include: weight gain and inability to lose weight Adrenal fatigue can be very common and very serious. I have seen many people over the years placed on anti depressants or thyroid medication who simply needed their adrenals to be brought back into correct balance and harmony. Kinesiology is an effective way to help these problems. Once again a well-trained Kinesiologist such as a PKP Kinesiologist can test the integrity of the adrenals and your body as a whole. A Professional Kinesiology Practitioner will ask you about your symptoms and perform a specific balancing routine designed to release the built up stress bringing you back into harmony and reset hormonal imbalances. So, think again next time you are about to wear those high heels. Article by Danny Liddell Dip K, Dip Bus, Dip T&AS Principal Brisbane Campus Kinesiology Schools Australia


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