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Award of Excellence, The UK Tea Council 2009 Top London Afternoon Tea- The Tea Guild 2008 Award of Excellence, The UK Tea Council 2007 Award of Excellence, The UK Tea Council 2006 Top London Afternoon Tea, The UK Tea Council 2005 Produced from French Verviene leaves, this popular herbal infusion has a light buttery taste, complemented by a subtle lemon scenting. This ever-popular after dinner digestive is extremely Our teas have been carefully selected by our Tea Sommelier. Like all natural products, tea varies considerably throughout the Peppermint Leaves Plain peppermint leaves provide a cooling and refreshing taste seasons and for this reason, The Lanesborough teas are tasted daily, ensuring quality and consistency of flavour. The only way to appreciate the floral, summery elegance of chamomile is to put the whole flower in water. The result is a stunning freshness and light, cleansing flavour that you can only Please use the expertise of our Tea Sommelier who will be Lemongrass and Ginger An uplifting blend formulated as the perfect pick me up. Contains Lemongrass, Cloves, delighted to take you through a journey of the different varieties Peppermint, Mate, Cardamom, Ginger, Liquorice Root, Cinnamon, Rose Hip Husk, Calamus Root, Fennel, Pepper THE SAMOVAR: a metal urn that was a Russian invention of the mid- Rooibos An antioxidant rich and caffeine free tea from South Africa that is widely regarded as eighteenth century, used primarily to heat water. Pinecones were containing a number of rejuvenating properties packed at the bottom, then lit causing the water in the urn to boil. In the late 1700’s the English started using silver samovars to make tea. Considered an object d’art by many today, we have revived this Decaffeinated version of the popular teas Rose of the Orient A blend of some of the Worlds finest green teas including Sencha, Gunpowder, China Wu Lu and Pai Mu Tan flavoured with Jasmine, cornflower blossoms and rose buds. Green tea from the Guangdong province of China. Gunpowder tea, as the name A selection of finger sandwiches, pastries, toasted teacakes implies, is made up of leaves hand-rolled into tiny pellets. These resemble gunpowder, Served with home-made fruit preserves and clotted Devonshire cream One of the most sought after green teas in the world. After picking, each individual leaf and bud is hand-pressed and shaped in a wok to achieve the perfect level of roasting. This process creates a tea with an emerald infusion that tastes of sweet chestnuts. A full afternoon tea selection as above, Sweet and soothing Silver Needle white tea tied around a Red Amaranth flower. Fragrant with a pink infusion served with fresh strawberries and cream, Poetic in form and fragrance, these stunning little pearls produce the most memorable jasmine tea you’ll ever taste. Each one is hand-fashioned by rolling the freshest, long Laurent Perrier Rose Champagne £50.00 per person downy leaf bud sets, which come from the first spring picking, together into silvery pearls. The gorgeous colour comes from the fine fur or tippy coat on each tea bud. The finished pearls are then scented six times with fresh, aromatic jasmine flowers. When steeped, the pearls unravel to reveal a captivating perfume. A luxurious blend of whole peppermint leaves and organic gunpowder green tea with the effect of combining refreshing mint with the understated sappy warmth of the Sweet and soothing flowering green tea hand tied around an explosive orange We are please to introduce our gluten & dairy free afternoon tea, osmanthus flower. A hypnotic display of colour, with a heavenly sweet taste. offering a traditional selection of favourites. Please note that we require 12 hours notice for preparation. Pu-erh is China’s great mystery tea famous for its heath giving benefits, very low caffeine levels and rich, unique and comforting flavour. The secret is in the aging process. £45.00 per person including a glass of champagne & fresh strawberries This is the outstanding long aged tea find of the year. Made form leaves picked from uncultivated wild trees. To find a tea of this quality and age is extremely rare. A Minimum charge of £15.00 per person applies The ageing mellows the tea's character making it more concentrated, smoother and All prices are inclusive VAT. A discretionary 12.5% service will be applied. removing any edges from the flavour. Served at a supplement of £2.00 This is an absolutely exquisite blend of India’s finest Darjeeling and Assam teas. With long, Long, soft and downy, Silver Needle is composed of hand-picked, first spring buds of the Da-Bai golden tips and an empowering aroma, this tea offers the perfect balance of a rich and malty tea plant. It comes from Fuding, a serene region with waterfalls and clear lakes. The peaceful Assam, married with the delicate and fragrant softness of top quality Darjeeling. setting is reflected in the flavour: soft, mellow, with the freshness of honeydew melon and the soothing sweetness of a ripe cantaloupe. It’s an easy-drinking tea that’s ideal to relax with. Our signature blend, created exclusively for the Lanesborough, consisting of Darjeeling, finest China Keemum and whole rose buds. Doomur Dullung Estate White Assam (Rare) Known as “Rosy Delight” due to its fragrant aroma and sweetness. Only 2kg was produced this Unlike ordinary Lapsang which is smoked to the point of acridity, the smoky taste comes year of this outstanding white assam. Served at a supplement of £2.00 from the method by which the leaves are dried, in baskets over resinous pinewood fires, giving them that unique aroma and taste. Yellow Tea (Golden Needles) is a non-fermented or non-oxidized tea. It is very similar to Green Sprightly, lively, sappy and refreshing with an enticing combination of fresh grass plant sap Teas except with longer firing and wrapping stages which results in the finished tea leaves having and woodland earth. Complex, broad finish with some grip. a natural light yellow colour and smooth flavour and aroma. One of the most outstanding Ceylon teas you will ever drink. Jing Ceylon is a Vithanakanda. Takes well to milk although best drunk black. Full bodied, soothing and complex. Only 200kg of this medium fired Oolong are produced every year. It is fired and oxidised in the Named after the 1830’s Prime Minister, Earl Grey is the Western World’s most popular traditional way to give a beautifully satisfying flavour of roasted hazel and autumn fruits. scented black tea. Made with a rich, whole leaf Ceylon and sprinkled with cornflowers for decoration and scented with Bergamot. Assam Supreme Simply the finest Assam tasted in 2006. From Mohokutie estate with an exceptionally high proportion of golden tips. It is rich and full bodied but unlike ordinary Assam, the flavour is complex, sweet and fragrant. Rose Congou The famous black tea with rose petals, producing a delicate flavour and wonderful bouquet. Cinnamon Star A mix of black and green teas blended with cinnamon and rose


Chapter 13: inference about two populations

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