Control Program Funding:FY2013 State Funding for D Thumbs down for Louisiana for having the third lowest cigarette tax in the country at 36 Percentage of CDC Recommended Level: 17.3% *Includes tobacco prevention and cessation funding provided to states from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention NRT Nasal Spray, NRT Inhaler, Varenicline and U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
(Chantix) and Bupropion (Zyban)Counseling: Covers phone counseling Barriers to Coverage: Minimal co-payments required, use of counseling required to get medications and other barriers that restrict Counseling: All health plans cover individual Casinos/Gaming Establishments: Restricted Barriers to Coverage: Barriers to coverage vary Recreational/Cultural Facilities: Prohibited recommends an investment of $10.53/smoker Citation: LA REV. STAT. ANN. §§ 40:1300.251 to coverage of tobacco cessation treatments *Barriers to coverage could include: Limits on duration, annual or lifetime limits on quit attempts, requiring prior authorization, requiring co-payments, requiring using one or more cessation treatments before using others and/or requiring the use of The American Lung Association in Louisiana works with partners in the ana to advance policies proven to reduce tobacco use, including passing comprehensive smokefree laws at the local and state level, and increasing Louisiana’s tobacco taxes. Unfortunately, Louisiana currently has the third lowest cigarette tax in the country.
Smoking Attributable Lung Cancer Deaths: During the 2012 legislative session, we saw a variety Smoking Attributable Respiratory Disease Deaths: 1,404 of tobacco-related bills filed by House and Senate Adult smoking rate is taken from CDC’s 2011 Behavioral Risk Factor Sur- members. A bill was introduced in both houses that veillance System. High school smoking rate is taken from the 2011 Youth would repeal the prohibition of smoking discrimi- Risk Behavioral Surveillance System. Middle school smoking rate is taken nation in the workplace. Other bills were filed that Health impact information is taken from the Smoking Attributable Mortality, would prohibit outdoor smoking within 25 feet of Morbidity and Economic Costs (SAMMEC) software. Smoking attributable certain exterior locations of state buildings and also a deaths reflect average annual estimates for the period 2000-2004 and are calculated for persons aged 35 years and older. They do not take into similar bill was introduced that would prohibit out- account deaths from burns or secondhand smoke. Respiratory diseases include pneumonia, influenza, bronchitis, emphysema and chronic airway door smoking within 25 feet of certain exterior loca- obstruction. The estimated economic impact of smoking is based on tions of buildings and other enclosed areas in which smoking-attributable health care expenditures in 2004 and the average annual productivity losses for the period 2000-2004.
smoking is prohibited currently. This bill would have re-opened Louisiana’s current law prohibiting smoking in restaurants and most workplaces. A bill was also filed that would prohibit tobacco licensees from accepting food stamps as payment for tobacco 2325 Severn Avenue, Suite 8Metairie, LA 70001-6918 All these bills failed to pass during the legislative session. State funding for tobacco prevention and cessation programs in Louisiana comes mostly from tobacco tax revenues with a small amount from an-nual Master Settlement Agreement payments. The amount was lower this fiscal year (fiscal year 2013) at $7.2 million than in fiscal year 2012 at $9 million. However, both amounts are far below what the Cen-ters for Disease Control and Prevention recommends should be spent on tobacco prevention and cessation programs in Louisiana. In 2013, the American Lung Association in Louisi-ana alongside our other tobacco control partners, will push for an increase in the state’s woefully low tobacco tax as well as strengthening state and local smokefree laws to include bar and casino worker protections from secondhand smoke.
American Lung Association State of Tobacco Control 2013

Source: http://www.lhcrmedicare.org/PDF/CardiacLAN/SOTC_2013_LA.pdf


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