Citing sources in apa style

Citing Sources in APA Style
Authors: You must list up to six authors. If there are more, follow the last author’s name
• Citations should be double-spaced, hanging indent and in alphabetical order.

Robinson, J. O. (1998). The psychology of visual illusion. Mineola, NY: Dover.

Kazdin, Alan E. (Ed.). (2000). Encyclopedia of psychology (Vols. 1-8). Washington, DC:
Chapter or selection in a book
Slavin, Lesley A. (1998). Gender-identity formation. In Frank N. Magill (Ed.), Psychology basics
(pp. 254-259). Pasadena, CA: Salem Press. Journal Articles
Basic citation format
Author(s). (Date- year only for journals; add exact date for magazines, newspapers or weeklies).
Title of article. Journal title, Volume number(Issue number if given), Page range.
Medina, John. (2004). Why do we need to sleep? Psychiatric Times, 21(10), 27-29.
Electronic Resources
Online databases
Basic citation format
Author(s). (Date). Title of article. Journal title, Volume number(Issue number if given), Page
range. Date retrieved, from database name. Examples:
Seymour, Solomon. (2002). A review of mechanisms of response to pain therapy: Why voodoo
works. Journal of Head and Face Pain, 42, 656-662. Retrieved December 17, 2003, from Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection database. Smith, Kirk H. and Rogers, Martha. (1994). Effectiveness of subliminal messages in television commercials: Two experiments. Journal of Applied Psychology, 79, 866-874. Retrieved September 22, 2004, from PsycARTICLES database. Miller, Karl E. (2004). Olanzapine vs. Haloperidol for treatment of acute mania. American Family Physician 70, 379. Retrieved November 19, 2004, from Student Resource Center database.
Article found on a web site
Pilcher, June J., Schoeling, Scott E., Prosansky, Caryn M. (2000, Winter). Self-report sleep habits
as predictors of subjective sleepiness - Statistical data included. Behavioral Medicine. Retrieved November 19, 2004, available from
If the URL does not take you directly to the article, use the words “available from” preceding the

Web site with author
Tam, Paul. (1998). Sleepless in Loughborough; Sleep deprivation and cognitive function.
Wellcome News. Retrieved November 22, 2004 from
This web site indicated that the information was reproduced from an article that appeared in a
publication called Wellcome News, so the title is included in the citation.

Web site with no author
Effects of sleep deprivation. Retrieved November 22, 2004 from • <> • <> • <>


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