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Product Data
Tapping Machine
• Mains or battery operation• Low weight• Compact• Rugged construction• Built in self check of hammer fall General
The tapping machine Nor277 is the third generation of tapping
machines from Norsonic for performing standardised impact noise tests (foot fall noise). It incorporates all the experience Standards
from the former generations into a compact, light, yet a rugged ISO140, part VI, VII and VIII, ASTM E-492, ASTM E-1007 and DIN52210.
unit with the construction based on an extruded aluminium chassis. The hammers are made of harden stainless steel, en- Calibration
suring non deformation of the hammer shape even after years All units are delivered with calibration certificates.
in use. The unit weight is only 10 kg including the optional bat-tery. Retractable feet ensure easy transportation and storage The unit has the required five hammers each weighting Five in line specially harden stainless steel hammers separated by 500g, with a fall height of 40 mm and 100 ms between each 100 mm. Each hammer has a weight of 500g ±4g. Hammer diameter 30 mm ±0,2 mm. Hammer front radius is 500 mm. hammer impact. A crystal control ed servo system ensures the correct tapping frequency is maintained at all times and tem- Tapping sequence
peratures. A level gauge mounted on the top helps the user to 10 impacts per second, rpm controlled via servo feedback loop.
align the unit when adjusting the fall height.
Self check
Effective fall height
The tapping machine standards specify the impact velocity of 40 mm (adjustable ±5 mm). A gauge for exact height adjustment is attached to the machine. the hammer and to ensure this requirement is met the Nor277 continually monitors each hammer. Each hammer is fitted with a laser sensor to measure the impact velocity to ensure that 85-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 120 - 370 VdC, consumption less than the energy imparted into the test floor is correct hence the effects of any friction or misalignments are immediately appar-ent. Each hammer has a LED indicator on the front panel that Interface
indicates when the impact velocity and tapping frequency are RS232. For computer control. This allows wireless control via standard RS232 to Bluetooth adaptors.
within the requirements of the standard. The user can now be assured that the noise generation system will perform to the Battery operation (option 1)
requirements of the standards and therefore concentrate on Built in Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries. the other aspects of the measurement.
Battery life: > 1 hour Charging time: 2 hours Battery operation
Wireless remote control (option 2)
The unit can be equipped with an internal battery (Option 1) that Operating frequency: 433 MHz EMC compliant for use in Europe wil run the unit for approximately one hour. The battery is of the lithium-ion type and is automatical y charged while the unit is connected to mains. A three step LED battery monitor tel s the user about the state of charge. Charging time is 2 hours.
3 retractable and height-adjustable feet with rubber pads.
Wireless Remote control
A wireless remote control (option 2) allows the user to switch
WxHxD feet retracted: 165x230x495 mm (6,5x9,1x19,5")
the unit on/off remotely. The radio range is 100m in free field, WxHxD feet extended: 265x230x495 mm (10,4x9,1x19,5") which correlates to failure free operation through most thick concrete constructions. The unit may also be control ed via the RS232 interface and this allows wireless control via standard RS232 to Bluetooth adaptors. The RS232 interface is a part of 10 kg (22 lb) including battery and wireless remote option the basic unit and does not require option 2.
Operation: -10 to +40 deg C 90% RH
Storage: -30 to + 70 deg C 90%RH
CE conformity
EMC compliance according to EN50081-1 and EN50082-1
Safety according to EN61010-1 and Machine directive 89/392

Source: http://www.mip.fi/cms/images/stories/docs/melu_ja_aani/nor277-en.pdf

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