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Fr id ay 6th F e bruar y t o Sunday 15th Fe bruary Stimulat ing the economy one sausag e at a tim e. T ra ditional pork sausages, ser ve d with onion gra vy. Setting the datum point from which your more flamboyant sausage may be measured is this well-seasoned reasonably coarse pork sausage which is as thick as a baby’s arm. An honest sausage for the purist. Lamb an d mint sa usages with re dc u r rant gravy. We had heard rumours that these Heathcote's sausages were good, but blimey we love ‘em. The accompanying redcurrant gravy make this an abbreviated Sunday roast. Always good with Shiraz (sheep and Shiraz, the Outback duet). Cumberland ring with junipe r g ra vy. If sausages were shoes, this would be at the ‘sturdy brogue’ end of the scale. A farmer’s noble favourite with good herb and pepper flavour. Strong in the arm, so good with darker ales. Po rk an d garlic sausages with re d win e gra vy The spike of garlic gives an interesting edge and will render you temporarily unkissable. Venison sa usages ser ve d with junipe r g ravy. Venison from the Duke of Westminster’s Eaton Estate makes this a fully flavoured game sausage which is rich and slightly coarse, despite being unarguably well bred. Pork an d a p ple sa usages with cide r an d m ustar d g ra vy. A sweet but savoury sausage made with Braeburn apples. This weeps for a glass of Inch’s cider. Ha re an d ham hock sauages with re dc u r r ant gra vy Strong and gamey sausages sweetened with the redcurrant fruit. Ploughman’s sausages with cide r an d m us tar d g ra vy A ploughman’s lunch in disguise, strong cheddar, pickled onion, ham, and apple all included in the sausage mix. Strange but true. Pork an d leek sausages with onion gra vy. Coarse and porky with a good leeky flavour, as favoured in the foothills of the Peak District by Jim “Central ‘eating” Williams (so called because he had but one central tooth left in his head). Beef an d Blacksticks Bl ue sausages with r ed wine gra vy. If you love blue cheese as much as you love bangers, this has been bestowed by the gods of sausage. It is an opulent beef affair with the rich, savoury tang of Blacksticks Blue cheese, ably supported by a red wine gravy. T ra ditional B u ry Black P ud ding with a pple gra vy. Not a sausage as such, but so very British we had to include it. Best ordered in a thick Bury accent, with jugs of strong beer. Pork, she r ry an d raisin sausages ser ve d w ith onion gra vy. Ok, it sounds a bit exuberant perhaps, but this fantastic sausage surprised us all. Sweet raisins steeped in sherry is how poachers tempt pheasants, but it works on us peasants too.
Vegetable an d he rb sa usages with re d win e an d beetroot gra vy
With a conscience as clear as day, all the pigs, lambs, deer, hares and cows in the land will thank you for choosing this.
All the sausages above are £8.95, and served w ith mash and cab ba ge At any one time during the Beer and Bangers week, ten of these beers will be available. You’ll need to check at the bar which beers are available on the day. Dominant hop and malt aroma : good finish, culminating Hoppy, fruity and crisp: hoppier than a Space Hopper. Well balanced bitter with a long bittersweet finish. If you Light pale ale, lemon and spice aroma, slightly bitter finish. had this much balance after a session, you’d be proud. Light session ale from Somerset. Floral and fruity aroma Smooth in flavour with a great aroma: a quaff monster. with a light hoppy finish. Will hole any passing thirst. Lager styled, with crispy dry, fruity aroma. Light and easy drinking session beer with a bitter finish. Brewed at the Vale Inn, Bollington. Creamy session bitter with clean fresh aftertaste. A fine breakfast beer. Well balanced, hoppy to the nose, malty to the palate. Local brew from Wrenbury, Cheshire. Full hop flavour Rich fruitcake aroma, and well balanced. Former Gold with a soft round aftertaste which packs a hefty wallop. medal winner. Give this a nice warm home in your tummy. Crisp and full bodied straw coloured ale with a dry finish. Traditional styled beer, rich to the palate, spicy and aromatic with a deep finish. Blessed by the gods of beer. Floral and fresh, followed by a cracking clean finish. Full bodied, chocolate toffee malt flavour and a fruity character. If it had a dash of Viagra it would be just perfect. A strong IPA with a blast of malts and a bittersweet finish. A mermaid was shot by a sailor, and so created the Padstow sand spit known as Doom Bar to sink unwary matelots, as this beer tends to do. Soft caramel palate. 2008 GB Winter beer fest Supreme Champion. Rich, Well balanced session ale with a long dry finish. smooth, hints of coffee and chocolate with a long finish. Firm malt flavours with a fruity background . The finest ale From just round the corner. Local dark bitter, complex to be named afrter a weapon of mass destruction. flavour, nutty and fruity undertones to the end. The beer that got Douglas Bader legless. Underlying Full flavoured champion dark beer with a rich chocolate maltiness with well balanced hints of coffee. palate. Rumoured to be the next James Bond film title. Gwynt y D dra ge Bla ck D ra gon Cid er 6.5% Special reserve cider, brewed in oak barrels.


Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (2002) 50 , 751–754 DOI: 10.1093/jac/dkf200 Evidence for the efficacy of artesunate in asymptomatic Plasmodium malariae infections Steffen Borrmann1,2*, Nicole Szlezák1,3, Ronald K. Binder1, Michel A. Missinou1,2, Bertrand Lell1,2 and Peter G. Kremsner1,2 1Medical Research Unit, Albert Schweitzer Hospital, Lambaréné, B. P. 118,

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