Ohio arts job preservation grants

Ohio Arts Job Preservation Grants
Akron Art Museum, $25,000
Grant will support two positions—communications assistant and security team leader.
The communications assistant works with the communication officer on a variety of
duties as well as managing the museum magazine, program calendar and the Web site.
The security team leader is responsible for the safety of the art work in the museum’s
galleries, oversees security needs for special events and assists the security manager in
administering the museum’s safety program.
Summit Choral Society, $15,000
Grant will support the position of general manager responsible for the overall direction
and management of the organization including developing strategies to achieve long-term
goals, staff management, coordinating rehearsal and performance logistics, marketing and
volunteer recruitment.

Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra, $10,000
Grant will support the position of production manager responsible for scheduling,
negotiating with venues, maintenance of the music and recording library and other duties
connected with the day-to-day operation of the orchestra.
Lyrica, $15,000
Grant will support an administrator position responsible for scheduling, communications,
bookkeeping, volunteer coordination and other day-today operational duties.
Taft Museum of Art, $25,000
Grant will support the position of assistant curator for family and studio programs
responsible for organizing and managing multidisciplinary education and outreach
programs for all ages including people with disabilities.
Cleveland Public Art, $25,000
Grant will support the positions of two project managers who will serve as the primary
link between artists and community members during projects, coordinate meetings and
communication among involved parties and assist with marketing and administrative
Great Lakes Theatre Festival, $15,000
Grant will support the position of school residency supervisor responsible for overseeing
all aspects of the school residency program including the hiring, training, scheduling and
evaluating of the teachers that deliver the program.

Sankofa Fine Art Plus, $25,000
Grant will support the position of executive director responsible for overseeing and
managing all day-to-day activities of the organization.
Young Audiences of Northeast Ohio, $25,000
Grant will support the position of education manager responsible for overseeing the sales
and administrative functions of all education programs and serving as the point of contact
for teaching artists and schools.

Columbus Association for the Performing Arts, $15,000
Grant will support the position of specialty ticketing marketing coordinator responsible
for overseeing special ticketing programs such as group sales, providing Web site and
database management and marketing services for the organization and two of its resident
ProMusica Chamber Orchestra, $25,000
Grant will support the position of education director responsible for administering and
managing all educational programs of the organization.
The Human Race Theatre Company, $25,000
Grant will support the position of company manager responsible for management of
artists including auditions, travel and housing, as well as supervision of the annual school
tour and other administrative duties.
The Muse Machine, $15,000
Grant will support the position of secondary arts education specialist. The specialist
works closely with the executive director to plan, implement and evaluate all facets of the
secondary school program.
Dublin Arts Council, $10,000
Grant will support the positions of educational consultant and exhibitions manager. The
educational consultant is responsible for the educational components of the
organization’s visual arts programs. The exhibitions manger oversees administrative
functions for a visual arts series.

Mansfield Fine Arts Guild, $15,000
Grant will support the position of education and outreach coordinator responsible for
designing and facilitating activities to reach at-risk members of the community.
Renaissance Performing Arts Association, $25,000
Grant will support the position of education director responsible for conducting
components of education and community programs.
Southern Ohio Museum and Cultural Center, $15,000
Grant will support the position of curator of education during the 36-week school year.
The Curator oversees all aspects of the organization’s educational programming.
Masterworks Chorale, $10,000
Grant will support the position of outreach coordinator responsible for expansion of
youth and senior engagement activities, increasing performance opportunities and other
duties related to communication and partnerships within the community.
Toledo Orchestra, $25,000
Grant will support the positions of education and community outreach coordinator and an
ensemble coordinator. These two positions are responsible for administering a variety of
musical education programs including music lessons, in-school programs, a youth
orchestra and concerts for young people and members of local communities.
Worthington Arts Council, $10,000
Grant will support the positions of administrative and programming assistant responsible
for developing and coordinating community and educational arts programming.
Zanesville Museum of Art, $25,000
Grant will support the position of museum art educator. This position develops and
implements the museum’s public education programs.

Source: http://www.oac.state.oh.us/news/StaticFiles/OhioArtsJobPreservationGrantList.pdf

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