Pafuri Butterfly List
Common Name Scientific Name
Larval food plants
Nymphalidae Passiflora edulis, Adenia glauca Pieridae Boscia spp., Maerua spp., Capparis spp. Lycaenidae Tribulus terrestris, Amaranthus deflexus, Zornia sp. Pieridae Capparis sepiaria, C. tomentosa Pieridae Capparis sepiaria, C. tomentosa Lycaenidae Ziziphus mucronata, other Ziziphus spp. Pieridae Hypericum aethiopicum, Chamaecrista mimosoides Pieridae Boscia spp., Maerua spp., Capparis spp. Hesperi dae Grewia spp., Dombeya spp., Pavonia burchelli Pieridae Azima tetracantha, Salvadora persica Nymphalidae Pterocarpus rotundifolius, P. angolensis Papilionidae Citrus spp., Calodendron capense, Clausena anisata Nymphalidae Passiflora edulis, P. incarnata Nymphalidae Acacia schweinfurthi , A. brevispica Nymphalidae Asystasia gangetica, Portulaca spp., Talinium spp. Pieridae Tapinanthus spp., Erianthemum dregei Lycaenidae Plumbago auriculata, Indigofera, Burkea Nymphalidae Hermannia spp., Triumfetta spp. Nymphalidae Acacia nigrescens, Tamarindus indica Lycaenidae Acacia polyacantha, A. Karroo, A. sieberiana Nymphalidae Afzelia quanzensis, Colophospermum mopane Nymphalidae Afzelia quanzensis, Maytenus senegalensis Lycaenidae Indigofera cryptantha, Helitropium spp. Nymphalidae Combretum mol e, Terminalia sericea Lycaenidae Ziziphus spp., incl. Z. mucronata Papilionidae Hexalobus monopetalus, Artabotrys spp. Lycaenidae Mangifera indica, Combretum sp., Al ophyl us sp. Pieridae Hypericum aethiopicum, Chamaecrista mimosoides Nymphalidae Adenia gummifera, Tricicleras longipedunculatum Pieridae Boscia albitrunca, Capparis spp. Nymphalidae Carduus spp., Gazania spp., Malva parviflora Lycaenidae Acacia spp., Al ophyl us spp. Hesperi dae Hibiscus tiliaceus, Annona spp., Bridelia spp. Lycaenidae Fabaceae incl. Medicago, Crotolaria Lycaenidae Clerodendrum glabrum, Deinbol ia oblongifolia Pieridae Cadaba termitaria, C. natalensis, Maerua angolensis Hesperi dae Barleria spp., Peristrophe hensi Pieridae Maerua spp., Capparis sepiaria, Boscia oleoides Nymphalidae Tragia glabrata, Dalechampia capensis Nymphalidae Acalypha glabrata, Ricinus communis Lycaenidae Fabaceae, e.g. Rhynchosia puberula Nymphalidae Adenia gummifera, Passiflora edulis Nymphalidae Trichilia emetica, T. dregeana, Khaya nyasica Nymphalidae Barleria spp., Adhatoda densiflora Pieridae Maerua cafra, Boscia albitrunca. B. oleoides Butterflies recorded occasional y in the Greater Pafuri area
Common Name
Scientific name
Larval food plants
African Map Butterfly (Rare) Cyrestis camil us sublineata Ficus spp. & Trilepisium madagascariensis Hesperi dae Possibly Brachystegia spiciformis
6 January 2011

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