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In 1986 The Yeast
Syndrome, by Dr. John
Trowbridge, M.D. and
Morton Walker, D.P.M.,
catapulted into best-seller
territory for its landmark
explanation of a common
modern illness most tradi-

tional medical doctors had
difficulty managing or com-
Nutritional Ideas
You may be a victim of the
yeast syndrome if you suffer
What is yeast? Fungi
from: acne, allergies, anxi-
ety, asthma, constipation,
depression, diarrhea, ear-
aches, fatigue, headaches,
infertility, lack of sex drive,
poor memory, muscle weak-
ness, persistent cough, PMS,
recurrent vaginitis, skin
irritations, etc.
Detoxification Program
Fortification Program
Selenium—200 mcg/day (recommended hair analy- Antifungal Remedies, continued
Side effects from antifungal remedies: While on antifungal remedies, especially drug therapies, your symptoms may temporarily worsen. This is not an allergic response, but rather, a reflex to the release of candida toxin. This is called the “die-off” reaction, or Herxheimer reaction. Drugs such as fluconazole, sporanax, ketoconazole, griseofulvin and amphotericin B harbor many potential side effects and require a medical doctor’s strict monitoring.
pau’d arco, inner bark, echinacea, golden seal The Yeast Syndrome (Candidiasis) is not a disease. It is a sign of multi-system fail- ure, or an imbalance of the neuro-endocrine-immune system. It is primarily the result of poor nutrition, metabolic disturbance and toxin overload. Ultimately, yeast syndrome can yield chronic fatigue as well as many of the symptoms discussed ear-lier. The slow recovery requires time and diligence. But the rewards—natural heal- Antifungal Remedies
fication and immune forti-fication programs.
hull and tintures), tea treeoil, caprylic acid 3. Nystatin4. Fluconazole (diflucan)5. Sporonax6. Ketoconazole


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