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adidas Women's 5K Challenge 2009 - Human Interest List
Kerry has run the last two 5K challenges, once on her own and then last year with her mum and her sister. Kerry has raised money for the Alzheimer's Society as Kerry lost her Nan in Dec 2007. Kerry has received treatment after discovering a lump on her left breast at the age of 38, and was later told that Kerry had a DCIS - non invasive cancer, but would need a mastectomy and was also offered an immediate reconstruction. Kerry had an operation on 4th December and a week later she was told that the lump wasn't as expected and inside the DCIS was a three mm grade three tumour. Kerry started a five month course of chemotherapy. There were complications with the operation and Kerry is now being seen every other day by a district nurses. This year, Kerry, her 12 years old daughter, mum and sister (pushing her nephew in his buggy) will be walking the 5k in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Kerry is very keen to continue the fundraising despite still receiving treatment. Kerry would like to thank those nurses that have supported her. adidas Women's 5K Challenge 2009 - Human Interest List
Local runner, Andrea Field, from Clayhall, Essex, will be pulling on her fairy wings once again to take part in the Adidas Women’s Challenge for Breast Cancer Campaign.
The mum-of-two decided to join Campaign’s Guardian Angels team for the race on Sunday 6th September after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. After receiving treatment, Andrea is now fighting fit but still has to return to hospital for Andrea said: “I have had the most wonderful care and treatment both from family and the hospital and feel very lucky that I am a survivor. I will take part to raise as much money and awareness as possible and look forward to being part of Campaign’s incredible team raising awareness and funds. It will be my honour to wear the Guardian Angels wings for a second year running and run for women like myself, those less fortunate and for the future women affected by this disease.” adidas Women's 5K Challenge 2009 - Human Interest List
Local runners, Elaine and Julie Morris and Charlotte and Sue Terry, all friends from Bayford, Hertford and Ware will dust of their fairy wings to take part in the adidas Women’s Challenge The group decided to join Campaign’s Guardian Angels team for the 5k race in London’s Hyde Park on Sunday 6th September after a very close friend of Elaine’s was diagnosed with breast Elaine said: “Breast cancer affects so many people so we all wanted to do something to help Campaign continue funding research into this disease. It will be a great day out and we’ll wear our fairy wings for Campaign with pride.” The Guardian Angels runners hope to reach their fundraising A team of colleagues from EMD LAW LLP in Staplehurst, Kent will swap their law books for fairy wings to take part in the adidas Women’s Challenge for Breast Cancer Campaign.
The solicitors decided to join Campaign’s Guardian Angels team for the 5k race in London’s Hyde Park on Sunday 6th September Breast Cancer Campaign to support other team members who have been diagnosed with Trainee Legal Executive, Catie Dumbleton-Moore, said: “All of us at EMD LAW LLP know of someone who has had breast cancer and we therefore all have a keen in interest in supporting such a fantastic cause. Please sponsor us, every penny counts!” adidas Women's 5K Challenge 2009 - Human Interest List
Suzette La Pierre from Haringey in North London, will dust of her fairy wings to take part in the adidas Women’s Challenge for The Executive Assistant decided to join Campaign’s Guardian Angels team for the 5k race in London’s Hyde Park on Sunday 6th September in memory of her mother who sadly died from Suzette said: “My mum died from breast cancer in 1991 and I have always supported the cause. I thought this is one way I can do what I can in memory of my mum and all other women affected by breast cancer. Breast Cancer Campaign is so supportive of everyone that takes part and it’s a fun day – no pressure to rush around, it can be taken in one’s stride.” adidas Women's 5K Challenge 2009 - Human Interest List
Christine competed in the run in 2005 women's run and at that time raised funds for the British Heart Foundation. Christine's mother had been a long time diabetic and had been advised of the effects on her heart. Christine's mother has since passed away from a heart attack. However, in September 2006 Christine was diagnosed with grade three breast cancer. A mastectomy followed, then a reoccurrence and a lumpectomy and Christine underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy and is now taking tamoxifen and having six monthly checks. In an attempt to keep her weight under control, Christine's daughter suggested she joined her at a running club. Christine had not ran since the 1970's and to say she was apprehensive is an under statement. However, Christine joined her and they now run at the club twice a week and thoroughly enjoy it. Christine had already entered herself and daughter into this year's adidas Women's 5k Challenge, but it has transpired that the whole running club is taking part as well. adidas Women's 5K Challenge 2009 - Human Interest List
This is the second year Ellen has entered the adidas Women's 5K Challenge and this year will mean even more than last year. Ellen lost her mum and three of her uncles to Cancer, a former colleague at work lost her battle with Cancer a few years ago. Last year Ellen lost a colleague to Cancer who died two weeks before Christmas, he was only in his 30's. Now one of the former bosses whom had been fighting a brain tumour has lost his battle. Ellen's husbands auntie has got Breast Cancer, so far she is winning her battle, she has her good and bad days, Ellen is running for Breast Cancer this year.
Ellen is running in memory of those who she knows who have either lost their battle with cancer or who are suffering.
adidas Women's 5K Challenge 2009 - Human Interest List
Karen and her husband set up Christopher’s Smile last October having lost their son, Christopher a year ago in June to an aggressive brain tumour following 21 months of battle. He was nine days away from his sixth birthday. They wanted to find something positive in their tragedy as well as keeping Christopher’s name alive and remembering his wonderful smiling face. Karen and her husband thought long and hard about the direction they should take and feel strongly that the current cycle needs to be broken. To date there are no specific treatments for children and therefore are currently raising funds to support the paediatric drug development team at The Institute of Cancer Research. The team is developing targeted biological drugs to provide an effective cure for children who still do not survive their disease. They feel that if through our efforts families do not have to endure the tortures they have both suffered, their efforts will be worthwhile.
adidas Women's 5K Challenge 2009 - Human Interest List
Karen and her husband's first target was to raise £35,000 to put in place a Scientific Officer to test new drugs and they are thrilled to say that we have now transferred sufficient funding to enable the recruitment process to begin. Times are tough but cancer doesn’t respect economic cycles and they are determined to do their best to help to make a difference in what is an extremely under funded area of cancer.
A group of about 17 ladies will be taking part on 6th September to help to raise awareness and much needed funds for childhood caner research and amongst them is Christopher’s nanny who will be 84 in October and an old family friend travelling over especially for the event from Toulouse to support adidas Women's 5K Challenge 2009 - Human Interest List
Emma has decide to run for a friend and close family to her; Jack Waring 14 years old, had a routine ear operation in June 2008 that took longer than was planned. It turned out he had an ear infection that was worse than first realised. After many tests and different types of treatment, he had a severe reaction to He hasn't walked unsupported since. They don't know what's wrong with him (or what the drops did on application) and the doctors seem baffled too. He now needs a wheelchair to get around in as he cannot stand without support and cannot walk Since this has happened, Jack has had to give up playing Rugby, he has however started to play wheelchair Basketball for the Sheffield Steelers Junior team. This is a brilliant team, that has won the league they play in. However, Jack also needs a sports chair to play this in and although the Steelers have a chair that he can loan when he plays, it is not fitted for Jacks height (6ft!) adidas Women's 5K Challenge 2009 - Human Interest List
On Sunday 6th September 2009, Kate is hoping to run 5km at the adidas Women's Challenge in Hyde Park.
Kate is raising money for 'Kids Kidney Research' - a charity that provides funding for vital research into the genetic causes, diagnosis and treatment of vesicoureteric reflux (VUR) which is the condition Kate's six month old son Kieran suffers from. Kate only discovered he has this condition after it resulted in him spending a week in hospital at three weeks of age with a severe kidney and urine infection. Doctors thought he had meningitis and he had to go through invasive investigations to rule this out. Had Kate and her partner known he had VUR, his suffering would have been greatly reduced, and he perhaps may not have He now has antibiotics every night to try and keep him infection free, and he is currently under the care of Great Ormond Street Hospital (as an outpatient) who are investigating his level of adidas Women's 5K Challenge 2009 - Human Interest List
Stephanie is taking part in the adidas Women's 5k run for her mother, Sheree Cramp. Ever since she can remember, her mum has had Multiple Sclerosis. Stephanie says it's been hard to watch someone she loves grow weaker through something her mother is unable to control. It is hard to do normal things with her mum, like going shopping. This would be possible if Stephanie had a car to transport her mother around in, but alas, About four years ago, Stephanie's mum fell over due to the MS and broke two bones in her leg which caused her to stay in hospital for a fair few months. About a year later, she fell over again and broke and dislocated her shoulder which resulted in staying in hospital again. It's tough Stephanie being a witness to this as she's the most important woman in her life, but she still keeps her head high. She still manages to joke and laugh about Stephanie is hoping to raise money for anyone who suffers with MS and their families. So far she has raised just over £100 which Evangeline will be running the adidas Women's 5K Challenge with her labrdor who will be accompany her throughout. Evangeline will be an impressive 86 years old on the day of the adidas 5K Women. Evagengline has taken part in many extreme challenges including an abseil for charity outside the Guy's Hospital. Evangeline will be running in memory of her sister who adidas Women's 5K Challenge 2009 - Human Interest List
Amanda's eight year old daughter Molly will be running this year's adidas Women's 5K Challenge for the third time. She will be running on behalf of the RNLI and will be running dressed as a life guard. Molly has recently taken up surfing and is inspired by the RNLI and their hard work and is keen to support them On March 12th 2008 Anne-Marie's world was truly shattered by the devastating news that their five old daughter Karla has Autism and ADHD. Anne-Marie does not remember driving home from the hospital after receiving the diagnosis but she remembers it being the worse year of her life.
The days and nights of constant crying, the anger, the frustration, the feeling of hopelessness and just not knowing Anne-Marie has the most amazing friends and sister-in-law who have been there for her time and time again. As time as passed the tears are finally drying up, they take each day as it comes. Anne-Marie and her husband see Karla as a very special child who has just learnt to write her name, she says she drives them bonkers and there are days that she feels like she's going crazy


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