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<International Session”The 16th International Symposium on Batteries, Fuel Cells and Capacitors> [Keynote Speech 40 min, others 20 min (including Q&A)]*Invited (Keynote) New NaxMO2 Layered Oxides for Sodium Batteries (ICMCB-CNRS Bordeaux) Claude Delmas Safe and reliable integration of Li-ion technology in electric vehicles (BMW) Peter Lamp Recent Progress of Lthium-ion Battery in China (Tianjin Ins) Xingjiang Liu Strategies for Battery R&D in NEDO (NEDO) Kei Hosoi Study of Safety Behavior for Aged 18650-type Lithium-ion Battery (Cooperate Research of Underwriters Li Ion Battery Risk Assessment (PCTEST Engineering) Jaesik Chung Simultaneous impedance evaluation on each of electrode for Li battery by multi-channel FFT analysis (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, EnNet Co. Inc.) Noboru Oyam, Shuichiro Yamaguchi, Conductive agents for LiB cathode, today and in future (Denki Kagaku Kogyo) Takashi Kawasaki (Keynote) Next-generation Lithium Cells: The Lithium/Sulfur Cell (Lawrence National Laboratory) Elton J. In Situ X-Ray investigation of Li battery materials (Université Picardie Jules Verne) Christian Masquelier Flash combustion synthesis and characterization of alkali metal pyrophosphate family of cathodes (The University of Tokyo) Tian Ye, Prabeer Barpanda, Jiechen Lu, Yuki Yamada, Sai-Cheong Chung, Shin-ichi Na2MP2O7 (M=Mn,Fe,Co) as Cathode Materials for Na-ion batteries, an ab initio study (The University of Tokyo) Saicheong Chung, Prabeer Barpanda, Nishimura Shin-ichi, Yuki Yamada, Atsuo Yamada Electrochemical characterization of novel layered Cu2MS4 materials for Li-ion batteries (ERI@N, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, TUM-CREATE Centre of Electromobility, Singapore) Denis Yu, Development of novel materials for anode of Lithium ion battery (Samsung SDI) Sora Lee, ChangSu Shin, Development of High-performance Lithium ion Battery for Electric Vehicle (Automotive Energy Supply Recent advances in High-Capacity Cathode Materials at Argonne National Laboratory (Argonne National Graphene-based Composites for Li ion Batteries (Yonsei University) Kwang Bum Kim Novel materials for fluoride-based batteries (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) Maximilian Fichtner Development of polymer electrolytes as the interlayer of protected lithium electrodes for lithium air battery (Mie University) Hui Wang, Nobuyuki Imanishi, Masaki Matsui, Atsushi Hirano, Tatsuo Horiba, Yasuo High Throughput Discovery and Development of Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries (Ilika Technolgies Ltd) Christopher Lee, Alexandros Anastasopoulos, Sara Gaskell, Brian Hayden, David Laughman, Denis Electrochemical performance of all-solid-state lithium secondary batteries using NiS-carbon fiber composite electrodes (Osaka Prefecture University, ,JST-CREST) Keigo Aso, Akitoshi Hayashi, Masahiro Basic Electrochemical Studies of Negative Electrode of Lead-Acid Batteries with Organic Polymer in the Electrolyte (ITE Yeager-Kozawa Battery Office, Yamagata University) John C. Nardi, Go Kawabe, Kazuhiro Tachibana, Yoshihiro Ohoba, Akiya Kozawa [Keynote Speech 40 min, others 20 min (including Q&A)]*Invited (Keynote) Sustainable Vehicles and Hydrogen Fuel Cell R&D at Ford (Ford) Shinichi Hirano Technical Challenges for Future Commercialization of FCEV (Nissan) Kazuhiro Shinohara Characterization of Nafion® thin films on substrates by positron annihilation spectroscopy and other techniques (FC-Cubic, AIST) Hamdy F. M. Mohamed, S. Kuroda, Y. Kobayashi, N. Oshima, R. Suzuki, A. Development of a galvanostatic analysis technique as an in-situ diagnostic tool for PEMFC single cells and stacks (Korea Institute of Science and Technology, University of Texas at Austin, Chung-Ang University) Jong Hyun Jang, Kug-Seung Lee, Byung-Seok Lee, Sung Jong Yoo, Soo-Kil Kim, Hyoung-Juhn Kim, EunAe Cho, Dirk Henkensmeier, Suk Woo Nam, Tae-Hoon Lim Proton transport and spectroscopic properties of SPEEK: An ab initio study (AIST, FC-Cubic) Yuanyuan Zhao, Eiji Tsuchida, Yoong-Kee Choe, Tamio Ikeshoji, Akihiro Ohira, M.A. Barique Impact of Surface Morphology on the reaction dynamics of Pt/water interface (FC-Cubic, AIST, Tohoku University) Qian Yumin, Ikutaro Hamada, Otani Minoru, Ikeshoji Tamio States of Waters in the Catalyst Layer of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell (Fuel Cell Cutting-Edge Research Center TRA, AIST) M. A. Barique, A. Ohira, S. Kuroda, N. Kubo, K. Yokoyama, T. Tokunaga Local structural dependence of monolayer Pt catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction (Kyoto university, Doshisha university) Xiaoming Wang, Yuki Orikasa, Minoru Inaba, Yoshiharu Uchimoto Biodiesel fuel conversion to renewable electricity with a new SOFC concept (Kyushu University) Quang-Tuyen Tran, Yusuke Shiratori, Takuya Kitaoka, Kazunari Sasaki Effect of carbon nanostructure on cell performance and durability of MEAs (Kyushu University) Xiaojing Zhao, Zhiyun Noda, Akari Hayashi, Kazunari Sasaki (Keynote) Application and Electrochemical Characteristics of hallow nano fiber for Electrochemical Capaacitors (Chungbuk National University) Soo-gil Park Experimental and theoretical study of the ion confinement in carbon micropores: application to supercapacitors (University Paul Sabatier de Toulouse) Patrice Simon Can transition metal nitrides outperform metal oxides as electrodes for electrochemical capacitors? Novel Capacitor Systems Utilizing Bromine Redox-Based Positives (Kansai University) Masashi Ishikawa In-situ Observation of LixCoO2 Electrode / Organic Electrolyte Interface by Synchrotron XAFS and XRD (Kyoto University, Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd., JASRI / SPring-8) Daiko Takamatsu, Shinichiro Mor, Koki Shimada, Yuki Orikasa, Takayuki Nakatsutsumi, Hisao Yamashige, Tomoya Kawaguchi, Tatsumi Hirano, Masugu Sato, Hajime Tanida, Yukinori Koyama, Hajime Arai, Eiichiro Matsubara, Yoshiharu Uchimoto, Zempachi Ogumi Hierarchical Nanowires for Long-life Electrochemical Energy Storage (Wuhan University of Technology) Characterization of Vacuum Deposited Si Film for Li Anode Studied by IR, Raman and HRTEM (Harbin Institute of Technology) Tsutomu Takamura, Mikio Aramata, Shigeki Ohara, Junji Suzuki, Lijun Fu , Structural and electrochemical analysis of surface modified Li4Ti5O12 epitaxial thin film electrode (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute) KyungSu Kim, Kota Suzuki, Sou Taminato, Kazuhisa Tamura, Jun’ichiro Mizuki, Jin-young Son, Masaaki Si(Sn) nanoparticles embedded porous carbon as an anode material for lithium-ion battery (Hanyang University, Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources, Seoul National University) Eunjun Park, Hansu Kim, Churl Kyung Lee, Kang-In Rhee, Hun-Joon Sohn Application of spark-plasma-sintered SiO-C composite anode for batteries with Li2S positive electrode (AIST Kansai, Kyoto University, Ritsumeikan University) Tomonari Takeuchi, Hiroyuki Kageyama, Kohji Nakanishi, Toshiaki Ohta, Takuhiro Yuki, Tetsuo Sakai, Atsushi Sakuta, Mitsuharu Tabuchi, Hikari Sakaebe, Kuniaki Tatsumi Hironori Kobayashi, Zenpachi Ogumi Friday; 16 November: 9:00~19:00[Keynote Speech 40 min, others 20 min (including Q&A)]*Invited Lithium metal anode for L-S and Li-air batteries (Hydroquebec) Karim Zaghib Graphene based Anode Materials for Lithium-ion Batteries (Fudan University) YongYao Xia Novel Lithium-Ion Batteries Based on Charge Compensation Mechanism:(1) LiFePO4 based Battery (Saga An unknown memory effect of LiFePO4 as the positive electrode for Li-ion batteries (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc., Paul Scherrer Institut) Tsuyoshi Sasaki, Yoshio Ukyo, Petr Novák Detection of a solid solution in LiFePO4-FePO4 system by an in situ method (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc., Paul Scherrer Institut) Tsuyoshi Sasaki, Claire Villevieille, Michael Heß, Yoshio Ukyo, Petr Novák Time Resolved XRD/XAFS Measurement of Nonequilibrium Phase Transition in LixFePO4 (Kyoto University) Yuki Orikasa, Takehiro Maeda, Yukinori Koyama, Haruno Murayama, Katsutoshi Fukuda, Hajime Tanida, Hajime Arai, Eiichiro Matsubara, Yoshiharu Uchimoto, Zempachi Ogumi The Roles of Grain Boundary Layers in the Electrochemical Behavior of LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc., Japan Fine Ceramics Cente, the University of Tokyo) Yoshinari Makimura, Probing of the True Global Minimum Structures in LixCoO2 Cathode Material Using Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm (Nagoya Institute of Technology, Toyota Motor Corporation) Randy Jalem, Yuhei Mochizuki, Doping and defect chemistry in LiCoO2 based on first-principles calculation (Kyoto University) Yukinori Koyama, Hajime Arai, Isao Tanaka, Yoshiharu Uchimoto, Zempachi Ogumi Effects of positional isomers on the electrolyte additive of lithium ion battery: The case of o-, m- and p-phenylenedima (National Taiwan University of Science and Tech.) Fu-Ming Wang In-situ Characterization of Electrode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries (National Taiwan University of Thermodynamics of High Temperature and High Voltage Aged Lithium-Ion Batteries (Nanyang Technological University, Energy Research Institute, TUM CREATE Centre for Electromobility) Kenza Rationalizing the charge discharge behavior for carbonate electrolyte within Li battery cells (Accelrys Corrosion protection of aluminum in LiPF6 by carbon nanotubes and graphene oxide (Sunchon National University) Myoungho Pyo Novel multi-function functional-based electrolyte additives in lithium-ion batteries (National University of Oxysilane as electrolyte additives for lithium ion battery (National University of Tainan,Taiwan HOPAX Chemicals MFG.CO.,LTD) Chia-Chin Chang, Li-Jane Her, Yi-Fang Jung In situ Studies on Interfacial Reactions between Edge Plane Graphite and EC-based Electrolytes (Kyoto University) Takayuki Doi, Yasuhiro Domi, Hiroe Nakagawa, Manabu Ochida, Shigetaka Tsubouchi, Toshiro Yamanaka, Takeshi Abe, Zempachi Ogumi In situ Studies on Degradation Mechanism of Graphite Negative-electrodes in LiPF6-based Electrolytes (Kyoto University) Yasuhiro Domi, Shigetaka Tsubouchi, Hiroe Nakagawa, Manabu Ochida, Takayuki Doi, Toshiro Yamanaka, Takeshi Abe, Zempachi Ogumi Sodium metal pyrophosphates (Na2MP2O7; M = Fe, Mn, Co): A new family of polyanionic cathodes for sodium-ion batteries (The University of Tokyo, AIST, Tokyo University of Science) Prabeer Barpanda, Tian Ye, Jiechen Lu, Shin-ichi Nishimura, Yuki Yamada, Masashi Ohkubo, Haoshen Zhou, Naoaki Yabuuchi, Shin-ichi Komaba, and Atsuo Yamada Thermal characteristics of FeOF positive electrode in Li-ion batteries (Kyushu University) Liwei Zhao, Ayuko Kitajou, Rintaro Nagano, Shigeto Okada Synthesis of nanocrystalline LiMPO4F (M=Fe, Ti and V) electrode materials via supercritical process (Tohoku University) Murukanahally Kempai Devaraju, Itaru Honma Li2-xNaxFe[PO4]F (x ≤ 1): New positive electrode materials for Li cell (AIST-Kansai) Hamdi Ben Yahia, Masahiro Shikano, Hikari Sakaebe, Shinji Koike, Mitsuharu Tabuchi, Hironori Kobayashi Towards a reversible two lithium extraction and insertion in Li2FeSiO4 (Kyoto University) Titus Masese, Hajime Arai, Yuki Orikasa, Cedric Tassel, Hiroshi Kageyama, Eiijiro Matsubara, Yoshiharu Uchimoto, In situ NMR observation of the lithium extraction/insertion from LiCoO2 cathode (Kyoto University) Keiji Shimoda, Miwa Murakami, Daiko Takamatsu, Hajime Arai, Yoshiharu Uchimoto, Zempachi Ogumi

Source: http://web.cc.yamaguchi-u.ac.jp/~morita/denchi53/en/program_international.pdf

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Dr NITIN HARINARAYAN CHANDAK E-mail: ch_nitin26@yahoo.co.in PERSONAL DETAILS Name Indira Gandhi Medical College, Nagpur, INDIA, Dec. 1989. Indira Gandhi Medical College, Nagpur, INDIA, Dec. 1993. Grant Medical College Bombay, INDIA, August 1998. TRAINING: POST DISSERTATION TOPICS: Assessment of value of ketotifen in prophylactic management of bronchial asthma. Thesis


The WALTHAM International Nutritional Sciences SymposiaBovine Colostrum Increases Proliferation of Canine Skin Fibroblasts1,2Celina Torre,*3 Isabelle Jeusette,* Montserrat Serra,y Pilar Brazis,y and Anna Puigdemontz* R&D Department, Affinity Petcare, Barcelona, Spain; yUnivet, Cerdanyola, Spain by Univet, Barcelona,Spain; and zDepartment de Farmacologia, Universitat Auto`noma de Barcelon

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