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News Release Werum Software & Systems AG, 9/12/2006 Production of Parenteral Drugs at Bayer HealthCare Page 1 of 2 News Release September 2006
Werum provides PAS-X MES for the Production of Parenteral Drugs at Bayer HealthCare Expanded deployment of PAS-X in Leverkusen, Germany

Lueneburg, Germany, September 12, 2006 – Bayer HealthCare is now
using Werum Software & Systems’ PAS-X software to run its parenteral
drug manufacturing at its Leverkusen, Germany site, further expanding
the domain of Werum’s MES product suite at Bayer. Since 1999, Bayer
has successfully relied on PAS-X to control the production of such
successful solid drug products as Ciprobay®, Avelox®, Levitra®, and
Parenteral drugs are sterile preparations that reach the target tissues or the bloodstream by way of injection, infusion, or implantation without passing through the gastrointestinal tract. Parenteral drugs are subject to particularly stringent quality requirements regarding their microbiological and particulate purity. At its production plant for parenteral drugs, Bayer HealthCare manufactures pharmaceutical solutions and fills them in bottles, ampoules, flexibags, or vials on various production lines. Depending on the substance in question, additional production steps may follow the bottling and sealing operations: sterilization, heat treatment, freeze drying, visual inspections, or further packaging. All in all, Bayer HealthCare’s parenteral drug products are shipped from the facility in approximately 30 different types of packaging. The PAS-X system is in charge of the recipe creation and manual weighing steps of the principal base ingredients, using two weighing cabins (Mettler-Toledo ID 30). Additional ingredients of the respective solutions are weighed and added through the subordinate PCS 7 distributed control system (DCS) by Siemens (mainly by in-tank dispensing). The solution manufacturing and filtration processes are controlled by the MES and/or the DCS. PAS-X offers paperless electronic workflows for executing the manufacturing orders and safely guides the operators through the individual processing phases. All manufacturing steps and reports are News Release Werum Software & Systems AG, 9/12/2006 Production of Parenteral Drugs at Bayer HealthCare Page 2 of 2 documented in compliance with regulatory requirements. In conjunction with a barcode system (using both stationary and mobile scanners), PAS-X also facilitates the tracking of the material flow. Moreover, the MES can calculate key performance indicators based on the comprehensive information available in the PAS-X system, such as order data (materials, batches, or production units), order-specific indicators (yields, losses, actual and planned machine speeds, etc.) and the times for configurable events or actions (utilization, malfunctions, downtime, etc.).
Werum Software & Systems is a leading supplier of Manufacturing Execution
Systems for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry worldwide.
Twelve of the world's top 20 pharmaceutical companies use Werum's product
suite PAS X to run their manufacturing business. Outstanding PAS X features are
the functions ensuring compliance and boosting performance. The modular
system suite includes components for Production Planning and Scheduling,
Master Batch Record Management, Electronic Batch Recording, Weighing and
Dispensing, Material Flow Control and Tracking, Equipment Integration,
Warehouse Management, Quality Management, and Performance Management
based on KPI Analysis. Werum’s solutions and services range from software
consulting, creation of functional specifications, and software development to turn-
key delivery of integrated and validated Manufacturing Execution Systems.
Founded in 1969, the IT company employs more than 250 people in its
headquarters in Lueneburg, Northern Germany, the regional offices in West and
Southwest Germany, and the subsidiary in Parsippany, New Jersey, USA.
Volker Mensing
Werum Software & Systems AG
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