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Glenn Estess, Sr., International President 2004-2005 Bulletin #10 September 2, 2004
This Week’s Program: September 2, 2004
Next Week’s Program: September 9, 2004
Chester County Day
Annalie Lorgus
Arranged by Annalie Lorgus
The invocation was given by Gary Hess
Congratulations goes out to Bill Hess,
who gave each of us insight into an Irsh proverb. The visiting Rotarians introduced by Steve Karp were Eddie Lewis, John Sue Casso announced that Rotary shirts
Saling, Bill Hicks, Charlie ?, Lou Gering, and
Ray Kitson. Guests were Cristina and Joe Adriana Correa, Lisa and Sam Johnson and John Schwab won the50/50. He also
pulled the Queen of Spades Congratulations Happy dollars were given by Victoria
Dow, Tom Spackman, Vic Adbala, Charlie
INDUCTION by Faith Woodward
Lyddane, Phoebe Kitson-Davis,
Cristina Combee was inducted into
Andrienne Masak, Bill Winter, Bud membership.
Her sponsor Elizabeth
Deaver, Shamus Lavin, Demetrios Cidis,
Guman thanked Don Stonetrom for walking
Steve Quigley, Duke Evans, and Steve Elizabeth through the membership process.
Frank Helms is the chairperson for the
through First Presbyterian Church. Cristina Rotary Reader Program. Please sign up to is the President along with her husband Joe read to the children in the West Chester of Allegra Printing which has been copying
Area School District. Scott Scrivner
announced that letters were sent from the Sue Casso spoke to the sharing of Rotary
Daily Local News concerning sponsorships with others. Reading from the writings of for the Chilli Cookoff and Cristina Combee
donated all printing for the posters. We have spirit of Rotary brings people together in some new teams- the Elks Club and Chester concerns to action and promoting peace. By Geoff Baker announced that Sandra the
helping to change people's lives we help exchange student he is hosting has joined ourselves to become better people. There the cheerleading squad at Great Valley High are 30,00 Rotary clubs in 165 countries with School and is doing a fund raiser. Check with Geoff if interested in purchasing a $10 Jean Oakes presented Norman Skillman
discount card. Bill Ronayne announced that
a plaque and pin as an Honorary Rotarian sponsors are needed for PAL golf for his meritorious and community service in tournament that is scheduled for Sept 24th. for the 20th of September sponsors are also Director and President of Chester County Hospital. During his tenure beginning in SAVE THE DATE
1955 and with his retirement in 1977, CCH was in a constant state of construction and improvement. Norman was a member of Oct. 10 several professional organizations and Nov.5-7 District NEW MEMBERS
SPEAKERS REVIEW by Elizabeth Guman
indicated their desire to become members: Johnson. Scott spent his last year in Taiwan as a Rotary exchange student. He Jenny
Bartholomew, Classification:
graduated from the Shipley School in Bryn Mawr and by the time of this printing will be Greg Radford, Classification: Professional
Scott spent his year with three different host families. He was glad to be with three different families to experience the differences throughout the year (and so that he didn’t have the strictness of his last family the Club Secretary within three (3) days of all throughout the year!) Scott was the only this notice. Otherwise, a date will be set for exchange student in his town and was the first exchange student the school he
attended had ever had. He was hosted by a
Taiwan was how much time the kids spent in school. His school went from 7:30 to 5 each day. And then many students went on to an evening school for another 2 hours. He was able to join in on many trips with the other 30 Victoria Dow, Assistant Secretary; M. Robert exchange students in Taiwan, making a best Clarke, Treasurer; Steve Karp, Sergeant At friend with a student from Brazil. He had some pictures from these trips, the first Arms. Board Members: Joe Hamel, Carol being to Snake Alley where he partook of a drink using snake blood (he wasn’t so sure how many people from Taiwan actually Scott Scrivner, and Joanne Tadeo. followed this tradition!) In his travels he saw wonderful collections of Chinese art, shook Robert Poole, III, M.D., P. D.G. 1980-1981 the president’s hand and was present for some of the demonstrations protesting the “HOW TO GET IN TOUCH”
Rotary Votary Committee: Faith Woodward, Scott expresses his sincere thanks for Publisher Work: 610-918-3432 Home: Rotary’s support. He reinforced how great the exchange program is. He had an amazing year, one he will remember the rest Gasho, Elizabeth Guman, Craig Kalemjian, Steve Karp, Fran Luft, Eric Metzker, Cathy


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