Time of Abraham begins
Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilization in flower Time of Isaac begins
Time of Jacob begins
Joseph sold into slavery
Joseph welcomes his family to Egypt
Israelites enslaved in Egypt
Egyptian cities of Pithom and Ramses are built Time of Moses begins
Torah given at Mt. Sinai
Conquest of Promised Land
Time of the Judges begins
Phillistines occupy coastal area of Israel Saul annointed king
Time of King David begins
King Solomon begins his rule
First Temple completed
Israel split into two kingdoms
Assyrians overrun Northern Israel;
Ten Tribes are lost
Sennacherib attacks Jerusalem
Babylonians conquer Israel and destroy Temple
Jews return to Israel from
Babylonian Exile
Miracle of Purim
Construction of Second Temple begins
Time of the Great Assembly begins
Greeks conquer Israel
Torah is translated into Greek;
Greeks persecute Jews
Revolt of Maccabees begins
Miracle of Chanukah
Romans invade Israel
Herod the Great begins his rule
Time of Hillel and Shammai
The Great Revolt of Jews against Rome begins
Jerusalem conquered by the Romans,
17th of Tamuz
Temple destroyed by Romans,
Rebellion of Bar Kochba
Rabbi Akiva martyred
Mishna compiled by Rabbi Yehudah HaNasi
Constantine converts Roman Empire to
Fall of Rome and Rise of Byzantine Empire Islamic Conquest of Jerusalem
Time of Rashi begins
Time of Crusades begins
Time of Maimonides begins
First Blood Libel
The Great Disputation;
Time of Nachmanides
The Black Plague
The Inquisition begins
Jews expelled from Spain;
Columbus discovers America
Ottoman Empire takes over the Middle East Protestant Reformation;
Time of Martin Luther
Jews invited into Poland
Time of the Ari and the Kabbalists
Chmielnicki Massacres in Eastern Europe
Time of Shabbtai Tzvi, false messiah
First Jews arrive in America
Time of the Ba'al Shem Tov begins;
the Chassidic Movement
Time of the Misnagdim and Vilna Gaon
The Enlightenment; American & French Revolutions Emancipation of the Jews begins in Europe
Jews herded into the Pale of Settlement in
Reform Movement begins in Germany
Jews made scapegoats of Tzar of Russia
First Aliyah to Israel
Conservative Movement founded in America
Dreyfuss Affair in France
First Zionist Congress
British Mandate begins in Palestine;
Balfour Declaration
Country of Jordan created by the British on the
East Bank of the Jordan
Hitler comes to power in Germany
Final Solution formulated by the Nazis
Partition of Palestine by the UN
State of Israel Declared
War of Independence
PLO founded
Six Day War and Reunification of Jerusalem

Source: http://wwww.thekeyofknowledge.net/Hebrew/DL/Spiro_History_Timeline.PDF


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