Hi lisa,

This is why I share Juice Plus+ with everyone I know, just to
hear these stories of improved health, Thanks to JP+.


Hi Lisa,
Yes, Danielle and I are both up to two capsules of each per day and doing well!
Without a doubt, we are feeling more energy, and you did reel me in at the perfect
I lost about 7-8 pounds while I was ill…just exhausted and vulnerable to germs…and
it lasted about five days.
I am maintaining this weight, which is where I wanted to be, and feel that I am
getting the nutrients I need with JP+
Thanks for your persistence and this great solution to my health concerns. Also, I
enjoyed your fall letter.
Lisa, yesterday I took Rach for her yearly well check up and the Dr. commented that
Rach has not been in for a sick visit in THIRTEEN MONTHS. She was so happy for
Rach and asked what we were doing and I told her about JP. She has heard of it and
said she is glad it is working for us. Rach has had to go in for breathing treatments
in years past and we are so glad about this news. I am not even going to go into
what all has been going around up at school because I don't want to jinx this :)
Trust me there has been many illnesses being passed around.
Courtney's appt will be in May but she has not been in for a sick visit
either. Thanks to JP. Neither child has missed a day of school this year, with only
three months of school left AND they will most likely get an award for perfect
I have to admit I was not 100% sure this would work but WOW it really has done
great things for the Rolfing family.
THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tamy Rolfing
Oh yes, I love my Juice Plus+! I think the effects are cumulative b/c it seems the
more years I have been on it, the more energy I have and the better I feel. My dad
is still on it too. His cancer came back about a year ago, and he had to go through
chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant all over again. But this time he was on
Juice Plus+ and he felt great throughout the whole ordeal, and his body recovered in
almost half the time. Jenn N
Thanks - I agree, I actually started taking JP after baby, but while nursing and my
milk supply went thru the roof with JP! Amazing what happens when your body gets
what it needs! Karri
Hi Lisa, I am during good with JP and feeling great and sleeping well. I never really had a hard time sleeping at night unless I have something on my mind. I have lost 20 lbs in the last 6 weeks and still loosing. I was looking at the web site and decided to try the shakes in case I need something quick or something to hold me over until next meal if needed. When I went to the doctor last thursday he was very happy with my blood work results and how I'm loosing weight and he said JP is a good healthy product to take. I am keeping a copy of my blood work and then in 3 months when I go back I will compare the results. Remind you I have a lot of weight to loose and it will be a while before anyone really notices. I know one thing I'm feeling a lot better then before and that a good thing. Tori ( a breast cancer patient going thru treatment) Hi Lisa, It was nice talking to you last night. I had surgery in November and December to remove a cist from my breast and the doctor left a good size incision that took forever to heal. Periodically it would come open to drain and after you told me that JP heals wounds faster I started taking it. I found that JP closed it up within a day or two instead of a week. It will reopen to drain when fluid builds up, which the doctor says is normal, but now that I am taking JP it closes up right away. As you know I am not much of a pill popper, but I have found JP has helped my wound out in a lot of ways. I can also tell the difference in my workouts when I take the dark purple pill. I just feel like I have more energy. I am trying to get better about taking JP daily but sometimes I do forget. Thanks Tina I Love JP. No more stomach problems. My son & I both had the irritable bowel problem - no more. And I do feel more energy. He had 2 ulcers 1 yr. ago. He no longer feels the need to take med. for the JP has calmed his stomach down. Thanks for introducing to me!!!! Hey and you know what else, I am only having bladder treatments 1x every 3 – 4 weeks, not 2x a week!! Hi Lisa, Everything is going well. I made it through the winter without getting sick once and I feel really great! Thanks for checking in and talk to you soon, Lauren Lisa Huseman: 314.780.0987 | huselis@yahoo.com | www.bodybylisajp.com Lisa I am hypothyroid. I started taking medication two years ago. I had a lot of problems. My hair was breaking off an inch from my scalp, I was extremely tired. They kept uping my dose of synthroid I was on 1.0 mcg. After 4 months on jp I noticed a big difference in energy. My hair is back to normal (my hairdresser even noticed a huge difference) and my medication has been lowered 5 times. I have heard of other people that are Hypothyroid that had a huge benefit from jp. Hope that helps. Julie Wanted to tell you that I had my annual Dr visit and blood drawn and all test scores were perfect! Juice Plus no doubt.Patti Yes please have my shipment go out as scheduled--I'm in my last bottles and love the product. Haven't had a cold once since I started taking them and with all that's going on in my life and a 2 y/o in daycare with germs all day, that's a first for me in 7 years. And yes, please add those recommended berries to my next shipment. Michelle I'm soo glad I'm taking Juice Plus, lost some pounds, due to stress, not eating as much,etc. but Juice Plus has kept me strong, I'd feel alot worse & weak - I know it. Gloria I don't have any hard facts, but a month or so ago I took my blood tests to qualify for health insurance. I ranked at the top level to get the cheapest rate. All my results were amazing! I've always been in great health, but attribute the JP+ to really make things great for me! Lori Juice plus works great for all of us. My mom went to dr and all her numbers (cholr, thy, high bld prser etc. )are way down, fiance as well. Thanks, Paula By the way, I recently had a physical and my total cholesterol dropped 31 points. LDL dropped 14 pts. Needless to say my dr. is all for the JP. See you later. Peggy Good to hear from you. I hope all is well. Life is great and staying healthy-- it's incredible how little things like feeling good and not being sick really improve your mood, outlooks, and personality!! Thanks, Lauren Sherri just called her cholesterol is at 116 was 257 when she started taking JP hasnt been below 200 in 10 years. They told her to keep taking her Cholesterol meds and she told them she stop taking it long time ago because it upset her stomach she told them to put in her chart she takes Juice Plus. Good story!!!! Good news is this cold is still no where near as bad as I usually get. Plus I find I'm not as stiff in the knee's on the days I do workout. Can't wait until I've taken juice plus long enough that I don't get this one time of the year cold. Lisa Huseman: 314.780.0987 | huselis@yahoo.com | www.bodybylisajp.com I am really feeling great on juice plus in addition to healthy eating and drinking water. I am tracking my times on the fitness calendar. Julie H. Yes sleeping a solid 4-5 hours, waking up consistently at 3 right now, but I am feeling really good, have a great weekend. Connie (this comes from a woman that only slept 2 hours a night and one week of JP+ is receiving longer hours and more solid sleep) Thanks for the quick reply! We are doing well thanks to JP. My son's allergies are starting to kick in, but they haven't been as bad as in years past. I'm sure the JP is helping with that! Sue Okay, crampy, uncomfortable feeling in belly started about 11pm last night. Thought “o, yeah her comes my movement”. But nothing. Kept up all night and I was woke at 3am unable to ignore. Then it presented itself. Laid back down, back up at 5am, (normal wake up time) and presented itself again. So is this the MOVEMENT in all body parts you had in last message or just regular I am telling you, I have been locked up since I had surgery in Sept 2010, this could take awhile. I am not complaining at all….I text my friends and family because this stuff is I am totally stoked to cleanse and feel the benefits having all the nutritional components in my daily diet. I am AMAZED to say the least. Amazed that Juice+ Thank you so much for that initial email & suggesting this. Candy Theresa had bariatric surgery in May. The struggle after bariatric surgery is that she is only allowed a very limited amount of food, so her food choices must be nutritious ones in order to keep her body from getting depleted and run down. (Our stomachs are 40 oz, hers is now 4 oz.) Due to the difficulty of meeting your bodies nutrition needs while consuming such small quantities of food, she must meet with her doctor on a regular basis in order to complete lab tests and check ups. Theresa started taking Juice Plus in July. After being on Juice Plus for a couple of months, when Theresa went in for her regular check up with her doctor, he was so impressed with the results of her lab tests that the doctor told her "what ever you are doing, keep doing it". Some of the numbers from her internal lab test results were far better than other clients who were at the same stage of recovery from bariatric surgery. Theresa says she feels great! (She has lost 80 lbs so far!) Lisa Huseman: 314.780.0987 | huselis@yahoo.com | www.bodybylisajp.com

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