Butanox m-50

Peroxides for Thermoset Resins
Butanox M-50
Product description
Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide in dimethyl phthalate Specification
Physical properties
Safety characteristics
Insoluble in water. Soluble in phthalates.
Hazardous reactions
Oxidizing agent. Decomposes violently under the influence of heat or bycontact with reducing agents. Never mix with accelerators.
Major decomposition
Carbon dioxide, water, acetic acid, formic acid, propionic acid, methyl ethyl products
Toxicological Data
Standard packaging size for Butanox M-50 is 30 kg net.
Smaller packaging size available on request.
* SADT = Self Accelerating Decomposition Temperature Applications
Butanox M-50 is a general purpose methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP)for the curing of unsaturated polyester resins in the presence of a cobaltaccelerator at room and elevated temperatures.
The curing system Butanox M-50/cobalt accelerator is particularly suitablefor the curing of gelcoat resins, laminating resins, lacquers and castings;moreover the manufacture of light resistant parts may be possible contraryto the curing system benzoyl peroxide/amine accelerator.
Practical experience throughout many years has proven that by theguaranteed low water content and the absence of polar compounds inButanox M-50, this peroxide is very suitable in GRP products for e.g.
marine applications.
For room temperature application it is necessary to use Butanox M-50together with a cobalt accelerator (e.g. Accelerator NL-49P).
Depending on working conditions, the following peroxide and acceleratordosage levels are recommended: In a high reactive standard orthophthalic resin in combination withAccelerator NL-49P (= 1% cobalt) the following application characteristicswere determined: Gel times at 20°C
Cure of 1 mm pure resin layer at 20°C
The speed of cure is expressed as the time to reach a Persoz hardness ofrespectively 30, 60 and 120 s.
Cure of 4 mm laminates at 20°C
4 mm laminates have been made with a 450 g/m2 glass chopped strandmat. The glass content in the laminates is 30% (w/w).
The following parameters were determined:- Time-temperature curve.
- Speed of cure expressed as the time to achieve a Barcol hardness (934-1) of 0-5 and 25-30 respectively.
- Residual styrene content after 24 h at 20°C and a subsequent postcure Pot life at 20°C
Pot lives were determined of a mixture of Butanox M-50 and a non-preaccelerated UP resin at 20°C.
Butanox M-50 is available in the colors blue, yellow-A, red-YM andred-YM 1/6.
Butanox is a registered trademark of Akzo Nobel Chemicals bv.
Recommended Handling Procedures and First Aid
Protective equipment
- Use safety goggles or face shield and gloves.
and handling
- Use clean equipment and tools of inert material, such as stainless - All equipment should be earthed.
- Do not pipet by mouth.
- Avoid contact with rust.
- Never bring peroxide into direct contact with accelerators.
- Never weigh out in the storage room.
Storage conditions
Keep container tightly closed in a well-ventilated place. Temperature max.
+25°C. Keep away from reducing agents e.g. amines, acids, alkalis, heavymetal compounds (e.g. accelerators, driers, metal soaps). Never weigh outin the storage room.
Storage stability
Only when stored under these recommended storage conditions, theproduct will remain within the Akzo Nobel specifications for a period of atleast three months after delivery.
Fire fighting
Extinguish a small fire with powder or carbon dioxide; then apply water toprevent re-ignition. Extinguish a big fire with large amounts of water,applied from a safe distance.
Mix with e.g. vermiculite. Sweep up with dustpan and brush of inertmaterial, flush the remainder with water. Remove the waste to a safeplace. The waste should NOT be confined.
Spillage on clothes
Remove contaminated clothes. Examine skin. If skin contact, wash orshower; apply a lanolin-based ointment. Launder clothes normally.
Eye contact
Rinse with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Seek medical advice.
Skin contact
Wash with plenty of water (and soap) or shower, afterwards apply alanolin-based ointment. Seek medical advice.
Rinse mouth. Give water to drink. Seek medical advice. Do NOT inducevomiting.
Move to fresh air, rest, half-upright position. Loosen clothing. Seek medicaladvice.
For more detailed information reference can be made to the SDS of this product.
The information presented herein is true and accurate to the best of our current knowledge, but without any guarantee unless explicitly given. Since the conditions of use arebeyond our control we disclaim any liability, including for patent infringement, incurred in connection with the use of these products, data or suggestions. The user mayforward, distribute, and/or photocopy this document only if unaltered and complete, including all of its headers, footers, disclaimer, and other information. You may not copythis document to a website.

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