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JUNE 18, 2011
I. Meeting was called to order by Ted Swofford, President (9:05)
II. Minutes from last year’s meeting were reviewed and approved.
A) Nothing was discussed
A) Condition of the entrance gates
1) Bids sent out for sand, seal, repaint, and repair

2) Vote taken to repaint or allow to rust to natural state
3) Approved to repair and paint
B) Gate code access discussion
1) Leave the gate codes as they are
2) Change all codes

3) Leave the day code and change the 24 hr. code

C) Voted to change all gate codes accordingly
1) The 24hr. Code will be on an individual lot owner basis
2) The day code (7am to 7pm) will be changed annually
a. The present day code will remain as is for now
D) Trees with mistletoe could and will infect other trees
1) Remove the tree or infected limbs (choice #1)
2) Fertilize with a general 15,15,15 and water (choice #2)
3) Homeowners choice
E) Financial report from Fred Arbogast, Treasurer
1. Budget review- Nothing outstanding
2. Motion to accept the budget
a. Accepted and seconded

3. Reserve study results on 6 yr. period of cost averaging
a. Within the next 5 yrs.
1. Increase Lot dues
2. $1,000.00 assessment per lot

4. Discussion on the low interest rates on the CD at

a. Chris Graham to check on higher rates for Starwood

F) Board member vacancies (2)
1. Robert Cross was nominated and elected to the Board
2. Fred Wall was re-elected
G) Board member designation

Robert Cross
Fred Arbogast
Ginny Arbogast
Architect & Design
Fred Wall
Member at large
Denise Van Zijll

A) Website is maintained by Denise Van Zijll
1. All posting go directly to her (ex. garage sale dates)
B) Gates will be maintained by
1. Herb Jenneskens 928-369-3480 OR 928-242-1582
2. Scott Davies 602-953-3253
C) Social
1. Heavy hors-d’oeuvres to share in the cul-de-sac
VI. Meeting adjourned
A) 10:05

Lot # Name

John & Angela Mangino/Serpina
Denise & Guy Van Zijll
Fred & Ginny Arbogast
Ted & Nancy Swofford
Tom & Cathy Kraus
Mary Ann Cross
Debbie & Tony Reed
Chris Graham
44 & 46
Herb & Pat Jenneskens
Kim & Dave Henry
Scott Davies
Dick Ardern


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